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One benefit to having children in my home each day is that there are many conversations at my dining table during the course of a meal. This week, we’ve had a young man enamoured with the topic of gazebos. Joel, age 4, asked each one around the table if we’ve ever seen a gazebo. Imagine the wonder of a child who has learned #1, this new word which is a pretty cool word, right? And #2 retained the word all weekend in order to tell all his friends about it and start a conversation. Of course, he has no idea that I love to search for doors, so when I was deciding which one to share this week, there’s this one. Not the best shot because we were driving by homes in our eldest daugher’s new town of employment. Can’t be seen gawking now can we?? 😉 Embarrassment became real when I forgot to turn off the shutter sound on my phone camera and it was heard by a person outside their home. Sorry, had a senior moment. Thanks to Joel, I’ve decided this will be my contribution for the week.

Flowers in full bloom. White picket fence. Sigh!
The big picture

A lovely arbor as well as the house door in shadow are the bonus doors this week.

Rosberg House

A delightful “Bed and Breakfast and Vacation Retreat” it reads. I feel like these kinds of businesses are lucky if they are still operational. Hope my minor blogging exposure can somehow help them.

Thanks for visiting this week and please take time to visit Dan at No Facilities as well as the wonderful door enthusiast blogs he hosts. Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I, too was caught taking the pictures for my doors today,. Oops. Oh well, it’s for a good cause.

    I do like the word gazebo. Joel gave you good tip. Be sure to thank him for us. I love the big picture.

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