Weather ‘V’ane/ AtoZ 2019

The April A to Z Challenge is in its tenth year, I’ve now participated for 6 of those years, and this year will be my 3rd quilt theme. It’s my first quilt using only patterns from the Kansas City Star newspaper archives. Welcome to my blog!

I love how it states “Makes a Striking Quilt”. Weather can be pretty striking in certain instances. Kansas City is smack dab in the middle of ‘Tornado Alley’. Well known for that. Some other weather extremes were, most recently, 17 inches of snow dumped mid-January followed by another few inches a week later with pounding winds to boot.

Weather Vane completed
Weather Vane completed

I won’t go on a tangent about our Missouri weather any further. Everyone has extremes in the weather to some extent. So the weather vane in January 1929 might have been an unintentional foreshadowing of the stock market crash and the beginning of the Great Dust Bowl? I just find the irony in these things interesting. Do you?

DId You Know?

According to Weather Channel, Tornado Alley may be shifting east and it’s a mystery as to why. To read more on this phenomenon click here. One reason suspected is the drying of the Great Plains causing this shift. As for someone personally effected, I do believe there has been a shift.

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South Thompson/#thursdaydoors

Keeping it local this Thursday Doors. The art on the side of this garage is hard to ignore, and I apologize, but I’m really not 100% certain on what the painting spells. I’m relying on some of my visitors to give me your opinion.

South Thompson1

The artist may step forward once I share this with Facebook friends? Who knows?! However, my focus was on the doors per the requested topic of each Thursday.


I felt the ‘white hot hue’ of the forground in the middle frame went well with our 4th hottest June on record. I didn’t get out of the vehicle for this photo assembly. Praying for temperature relief for a better photo opportunity soon.

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Rolling in the Deep/WPC



I stepped out the back door and caught this eye-catching shot of clouds at sunset last week. It looked like the clouds were rolling out of a cavity.


And for some unusual reason, rotating the picture gives them an even more dramatic rolling appearance.

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West Wind/#AtoZChallenge

During the month of April, I’m participating in the Blogging From A to Z Challenge for my 4th year in a row – 3 of which are on this blog. Each day, except Sundays, there will be a post for the letter of the day as well as keeping with my personal theme of Quilts and Quotes. Feel free to leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you! Also check out the other A to Z’ers in the comment section of the Official A to Z Blog Page.

WestWind2 windmill

West wind is considered the mildest and most favorable of the wind movements. The heralder of light spring and early summer breezes in Greek mythology is known as Zephyrus. Wind definitely has a part to play in weather changes and I thought some weather superstitions would be appropriate for this post.

The higher the clouds, the finer the weather.” Thin, wispy clouds are good picnic indicators. Remember Mother’s Day is not far off.

Clear moon, Frost soon.” We are not in the clear yet in Central Missouri for a late spring frost. Keep an eye on the weather forecast.

When clouds appear like towers, the earth is refreshed by showers.” A sure sign that April is here are those spring showers.

Rainbow in the morning gives you fair warning.” Meaning, rain is West of your location.

And for the sake of a “Quilt’s and Quotes” theme, we’ll move on even though we hear many others here in the rural heartland of the country. I welcome you to share yours in the comments.


Introducing the West Wind quilt block. It was one of the easiest and at this point in the quilt-making, I’m pretty darn thankful for that. I have had to set aside a bit of extra time for hemming prom dresses, creating a custom order from the Etsy shop, and will soon return to finishing a wedding signature quilt. I am a bit panicked but things are going to be ok.


I really like it when the cutting plan in the book gives you pieces for 2 blocks. (Hint, Hint to any future quilt book writers out there.)  Any extras are a good start for other projects.

Join me again tomorrow for more of the April A to Z Blog Challenge 2017!

No Matter


Here’s a before pic of my dill I am growing this summer.

File_000 (28)

If you look closely you may see the honey bees among the flowers. As I said, this was ‘before’. Last night we had some wind and heavy rain. Sorely needed rain.

File_000 (29)

This is the result. As of this morning, they haven’t regained their posture. I do believe I will be deprived of further abundance of dill. Those pathetic cucumbers next to the dill are evidence enough that it is probably not going to matter anyway. Not a cucumber year for me. If they aren’t making by now, it’s probably not gonna happen. Gotta love Missouri weather.