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I’m happy to say I have a few new doors stashed away thanks to my youngest daughter’s watchful eye. So with a fresh cup of coffee, I’ll get in gear here and make my weekly entry for Thursday Doors.

A bleak winter sky backdrop
A bleak winter sky backdrop
Partially mirrored windows
Partially mirrored windows
Double Doors with mirrored windows above.
Double Doors with mirrored windows above.

This building is a replica and represents the Blackwater Depot in Blackwater, Missouri. Platted in 1887 but it was a trading point long before that date. This small town is located 2 miles north of I-70 along the south bank of the Blackwater River, The Missouri Pacific Railroad added the J.C.B. & L line after surveying the land that same year of 1887 according to a historical page for the town. I spoke briefly with a railroad enthusiast recently when I was inquiring on what the J.C. B & L referred to. After some consideration, it’s likely a Jefferson City, Burlington, and Lexington line–although it’s highly probable that Missouri Pacific acquired the stock to the company and so therefore owned the right of way and the J.C.B & L name was never officially realized. In his research, there was no line previous to 1890. So I may just have made irritated a swarm of bees. Hope it all works out 🙂

Why not make a beeline over to Dan at the Thursday Doors hub and take a few to see all the wonderful door posts that are entered this week! Just click the blue link above.

PostScipt: After all of my previous attempt to do this properly, I have an additional bit of information and would like to enter it here. It aptly describes the JCB&L as Junction, Cole, Boonville, & Lexington. I’m very happy no one has been stung after all! 🙂 Credit due for the following photo/document are to Ken Bird and Charles Duckworth, MoPac Historical Society. Any corrections to my wording above are welcome by Mr. Bird or Mr. Duckworth as I admit to being a newbie in this portion of history on railroads. Thanks to them both for being so accomodating.



  1. I love train depots – replicas included. This one is lovely! I like those mirrored panels above the doors, and the intricate support structure for the overhanging portions of the roof. Excellent contribution!

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