Astronomical Dusk/Thursday Doors

After departing from the local post office one evening after work, we took a turn and passed this sight. It was just after sunset, not quite dark but we weren’t sure about how the scene would take in a photo. With the hubby’s newer iphone, we thought it was worth a try. And I think it did very well.

Sacred Heart Parish Center

The glow from the door was what captured our attention. It’s not lit up like that very often, at least not when we’ve passed by. So many quotes of light and religious thoughts come to mind. I’ll save them for myself but maybe you’ll appreciate where I could have headed with this train of thought. Maybe someday I’ll go there with a post, but for today I’ll just leave another Thursday Doors post with some extra photos below as I close. I hope you enjoy and please remember to stop over at Norm 2.0 for more wonderful doors from around the world. Truly some talented photo bloggers in company with him. Me? I just hang out with them and thankful they tolerate my small-town self 😉



  1. Great and beautiful dusk and night captures of your hubby’s Iphone! The phones may eventually replace the computer (I dread that time, but I see it going there!)

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