Alma, Kansas Quilt Trail Pt. 2 /ThursdayDoors

If there could be a perfect marriage of blog posts for me, it would include quilts and doors. And if you were able to read my blog week before last, you will know that I have found the way.

Alma, Kansas

We drove west from Topeka and our first glimpse of blocks started here in Alma. This is the county seat of Webaunsee County. County population in 2008 was 6,922. The sign above reads ” Alma 150th Anniversary – Independence Day Celebration – July 4th” We were a day late on the festivities. Probably a good thing for the purpose of viewing the ‘drive-by’ blocks.

We first stopped at the city park which had these posted for visitors. Very helpful and informative. A few ‘doors’ included if you look closely.

When doorscursioning, one must include churches. Thankful the rain moved on for us.

Old door alert! Just propped but it counts. Would love to come back and see this store inside. Bet it’s got some great stuff!

A side note that this community was pretty near a tornado warning just a couple weeks ago(Aug.15). We get Kansas City news and weather and watched as they were tracking the storm. We were so glad they weren’t affected directly.

Photo Donation. Thanks Rach!!

Just in case you’re wondering what quilt I’ve got in the hoop lately, it’s this little number. Hand pieced double wedding ring quilt in red, white and blue –lap-sized and hand quilting a little each evening.

So many more photos to come of both quilt blocks and doors. Hope you can also visit Norm 2.0 for even more wonderful doors from around the world!! Happy Thursday!



  1. Finally I am back to ‘regularly” blogging, so if you sent me some comments in May or thereafter, I apologize for not getting beck to you – it has been insanely busy since that time.
    I love white churches! wow, you are hand quilting? What courage! Love the double wedding ring design! Hope you show us the end result! How long does it approximately take to hand quilt a whole blanket?

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    • I’m glad you’re back! I don’t hold on to too many grudges so you’re good with me on not answering comments lol Life happens is my mantra. Thanks for the nice comment this time and yes I hand quilt while we (hubby&i) catch up on tv in the evenings. Doesn’t take too much to entertain us I suppose. But a small lap size can take 4-7 weeks typically if I only work on it after work and a bit more on weekends. While I appreciate the artistry in machine quilted tops, I like the hand stitching best.

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      • My goodness, a lot of time goes into a small lap size! Am curious why you like hand stitching more than machine quilting. Isn’t the latter stronger?

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      • It is time-consuming but I enjoy the process and the appearance which is definitely not the same as machine quilting….and in fact, you may notice there are many quilts that survive while the Sears & Roebuck varieties are gone with the wind lol

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  2. Katy, really felt like I was taken into another world with your post. You’re incredibly talented with your quilting and I admire your capacity to hand stitch like that. I have really bad spatial skills so I can’t see myself pulling off a design like the wedding ring pattern. That’s incredible. However, you’re starting to inspire me to have another go, although I’ll use the machine.
    Lately, I’ve been doing a bit of sewing of a different kind…sewing ribbons and elastic on my daughter’s pointe shoes. Some brands are easier than others to sew onto and she had to choose the comfy brand which was a beast to get the needle through. Then she needed a backup pair and because the cotton thread doesn’t seem to stand up to the rigor of dance, I was sewing the elastics on with my peppermint scent dental floss. I really thought I’d well and truly crossed over the line into madness.
    Hope you’re having a great weekend.
    Best wishes,

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    • Good job on the ribbons! I have used dental floss for gathering fabric before so it’s not madness in my book. 😉 it’s good to know I’m lighting the creative spark for you! Look forward to seeing your creations in the future!!


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