This was quite the week for the whole family.

  • Youngest daughter learned of her car eventually needing a new engine and warranty won’t cover it until it actually fails. This is pretty frustrating.
  • Eldest daughter was without electricity for 8 hours, hot water for 4 days, and then internet and cable were cut accidentally during repair of said hot water issue.
  • A ‘trustee’,aka convict, escaped from the Missouri State Fairgrounds who house these people to clean and work around the fairgrounds when most folks are in bed. (More on this in a bit)
  • And finally, the husband was in the hospital with afib and released Wednesday evening after a battery of doctors coming in an out with differing opinions. The VA is good at that. No offense. I could go on about this too but I will refrain.

First the Doors…

Double Door in the ICU -- Columbia, MO VA Hospital
Double Door in the ICU — Columbia, MO VA Hospital

Ron I’m happy to say has lost 80 pounds in the last couple years. But much of it is due to 4 stomach surgeries that involved removing tumors that have been bleeding. Thankfully they are benign, But if they keep returning it will involve a more involved surgery. This is a direct result of dismantling too many meth labs while in law enforcement before they really understood what the effects of meth were. I am very proud of my husband’s service in law enforcement. He fought the good fight. I know of many who are not so good, sadly.

My opinion is probably not appreciated
My opinion is probably not appreciated

With all that about the hubby’s career out there, you can summize that I know a few people in our local law enforcement community. There are many aware of my daycare that has been here since 1995, on the Katy Trail. I can only think that they felt I was in good hands with my husband’s presence and I didn’t need to be notified. Guess what?! He may not have actually been here. A simple phone call or text would have been greatly appreciated as I took it upon myself to do a self-directed lock down after my mother-in-law and a neighbor’s mother notified me. (Thank you both!) And oh, by the way, he was apprehended on the Katy Trail, albeit in the opposite direction. I’m pretty peeved at the whole incident. This is the not the first time the trail has been used by escapees.

Thank you to anyone who read the whole paragraph. I will not get on my soapbox any further. At least not today 😉

To conclude today’s late Thursday Doors entry, I’ll ask you to please take a moment or two to visit Norm 2.0 and see all the week’s door entries, beginning with Norm. It’s a wonderful group of people and they won’t disappoint. Following with some blooms of the week from the garden.



  1. Wow – that’s enough stuff for a year. I’m glad the ‘trustee’ was apprehended. What’s wrong with calling them convicts? My mom worked at a state mental hospital in the 70s. When a person escaped (criminal or not) they would say that “so and so eloped.” Euphemisms are getting weird.

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    • I guess they think there are levels of convicts? Supposedly the trustees are nearly ready to be released and pose little danger. But it’s not how it appeared when there were rifle-bearing officers and a hound walking behind my home. Grandpa kept hunting dogs and this one was ‘on the scent’. Just glad he was captured in the end. Thanks for dropping in!

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  2. Well, I’m glad your family lived to tell this story because doors in an ICU certainly carry a punch not to mention the other things on your list. That was one tough week. Please give your hubby a hug and tell him we say ‘ thank you’ for his service to his community. The average person, like myself, does not really understand the long lasting effects of those men and women who protect and serve their communities every day. Again, thank you.

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  3. Hey, so I just found out your name isn’t Katy but that you live on the Katy Trail. My apologies, but I live in distant Australia and I plead ignorance.
    They ought to have special notifications for places like schools and daycare centres in the case of emergency. To me it’s a no brainer, but who am I?
    Sorry to hear about your husband’s serous health issues brought about by his work in law enforcement. At times, occ health and safety in the workplace can seem quite tedious. However, so many people’s lives have been changed irretrievably or lost altogether in workplace accidents that it needs to be taken seriously by both employers and employees.
    Best wishes,

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