Clinton, Missouri Coca Cola/ Thursday Doors

Do you remember the 1971 Coca Cola commercial with the song that was supposedly the most popular commercial ever? Well, being nostalgic, I looked up the lyrics and I am surprised there isn’t more to it. I remember more lines than what I’ve found. Was there a later commercial that extended the song? I feel like there must have been and I’m just not feeling like looking more into it. For now, though, I’ll settle with the ones I’ve found and the song will be running through my head like a broken record the rest of the day. Nope, not gonna write them here. One of us suffering is enough.

For Thursday Doors, I am sharing a Coca Cola building from Clinton, Missouri which is, naturally, the reason I’ve got that song stuck in my mind. Clinton is a town in the western portion of Missouri with a population of over 8800. For me personally, it’s home to some family members and the location of my podiatrist. So there you have it, the reason I’d be visiting there. Hope you enjoy the photos and aren’t rubbed the wrong way with the whole song reference.

Please take time to visit our Thursday Door host Norm 2.0 by clicking here and he’ll direct you to wonderful doors all across the world.



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