Letter N for Name on Each Friendship/ AtoZ 2019

The April A to Z Challenge is in its tenth year, I’ve now participated for 6 of those years, and this year will be my 3rd quilt theme. It’s my first quilt using only patterns from the Kansas City Star newspaper archives. Welcome to my blog!

Another signature block for this AtoZ quilt was just what I needed. You can’t have too much writing on a quilt when you want it to memorialize something. Just don’t ask me what I’ll be writing on the block at this particular moment. Time will tell. I have to say I like the ’56 version with the star points better than I do the redraft version on the left.

I decided to show some corrections I had to make. You can see in my layout photo on the right that I had it correct, but when sewing, I turned a couple sections wrong and ended up spending some time with my beloved seam ripper.

Name On Each Friendship complete
Name On Each Friendship complete

All’s well in the end result for this block. It even measured the correct 12 inches.

Did You Know?

The Star and Elvis spilled the beans on a young Elvis fan on May 25, 1956. According to the article, a teenager snuck out of the house to see him in concert. Being convinced she’d gotten by with it was short-lived however. Served to her on her breakfast plate the next morning was a copy of the Kansas City Star with her picture on the front page.

Come back here tomorrow for another quilt block for the A to Z Challenge! Also be sure to visit the home of the A to Z here and see other entrants challenge posts. There are excellent writers participating every year with topics in whatever you’re interested in



  1. I love that you showed the mistakes. Speaking of NAMES on quilts, my church is celebrating its 50th birthday and everyone is invited to make a square for a quilt. My Bell Choir is doing one with the name of the handbell choir. A friend is doing one with my name on it because I am her son’s godmother. That made me rather teary.

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    • That is so wonderful! I’m all about quilts for honoring celebrations! Hoping to have one for this years’ family reunion for signatures. I hear we’ll have a great turnout so a great opportunity. (fingers crossed).


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