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Thursday Doors

When at the Missouri History Museum we were tempted with the display of an ice cream shop on Route 66 that is still open after 80 years. Introducing Ted Drewes.

But first, probably the only door I could find worth a hoot for this post…….


A reminder of something that has disappeared within the last 80 years. Related are: Where will Superman do his quick change, How to make collect calls, Answering a random phone booth ringing and Using actual money to make a phone call, all a part of history.


Back to Ted Drewe’s –a first view. Here’s a little hint. If you see nuns eating at an establishment, it’s gonna be O.K.

Who is Ted Drewe’s? Ted Drewes Sr., was a St. Louis attraction, winning the Muny Tennis Championships each year from 1925 to 1936. Feel free to read more here.


A ‘door’ for posterity’s sake.

Boasting 12 serving windows, Ted Drewes motto is “Our Business is Service”.

The website tells that it is hardly recognizable during the Christmas season as they sell trees and the lot is loaded with them. They’ve been doing that for over 50 years. One thing you can say about this place is that they are certainly good at longevity and have obviously found their niche in St. Louis.

A line in the summer sun makes the treat even more delish.


The daughters approve! Our ‘adoptee’ daughter was a great tour guide to go along with the GPS and we thank you Miss Meaghan for your outstanding hospitality! Til next time….

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  1. The telephone booth made me smile.I remember the days of entering that door with a bunch of change that you lined up on the shelf in order to drop in when the operator told me how much to deposit. Then there was the different little noises that the change made as it dropped. Thanks for the memory. 🙂 Now, as far as Ted Drewes goes – that is cruel and unusual punishment. There is zero frozen custard up in this part of the country, and boy do I miss a good bowl of frozen custard. Please have one for me – no, have two for me. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Times have changed, huh?! And I have to admit I never had frozen custard til I married. I was such a deprived child lol so making up for lost time I suppose is a good


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