On the Edge/Letter O

If you make it this far in the A to Z Blog Challenge you may feel like you’re ‘on the edge’. But in Crochet and other hand arts, the best stuff is often ‘on the edge’. For example, I have been making fabric kerchiefs for some time with a crocheted edge. They can also be called Babushkas, Head Scarves, Triangle scarves.

IMG_2436 (2)

This vintage fabric was transformed into a kerchief and the edging serves double-duty by accenting the edge as well as functioning as ties for the scarf. This leaves less bulkiness on those hot summer days when less is better.

Infant-sized Babushka with vintage fabric
Infant Babushka with Vintage Fabric and Crocheted edging

I absolutely could not resist showing you my favorite baby model! Thank you for tolerating this moment 🙂 The cotton edge of her babushka helps keep ‘the itchies away’. Another reason to put some crochet ‘on the edge’.

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