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… Went to see about one but it was not very well located. On Tues. I went to see a couple about the possible job of caring for their baby, but the next morning when I went to a cafe across the street from the hotel, I was asked if I would like to help out there, since the cook had unexpectedly quit. So, I worked there for 3 weeks steady. I decided I couldn’t stand the work so I quit, although I helped out in emergencies several times when Mary (Fuller) needed me. I liked to work there and became acquanited with several people, Eva Lumon, Florence Everbach, Flo & Jesse Phillips, Mr. Walters, Mr & Mrs. Wilson & Janice, and many others who came into the cafe often. After we had been at the hotel 5 weeks we took a small room……

Pg. 74— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

The journal entry begins and ends with room. Found that kind of poetic. It’s even kind of thought-provoking that she was a nanny of sorts which compares with my childcare career of 30 years. Another reflection I had was that I would have loved walking into the cafe to see my grandmother working there. I waited tables and worked the counter at food establishments for a lot of years (at least 8 in one restaurant). So, I completely get the dislike for the work but love the job comments she made. Meeting people was one reason I stuck with food service for so many years. I had no idea she spent time in each of these careers. Seems like a bit of history repeating itself. A profound moment for me personally.

Just for fun, some things you may not have known about San Antonio, Texas:

Lanier High School holds the world record for the most tamales ever made. Back in December 2011, 17,132 tamales were made there. The previous record was 13,000 tamales. Many people from across the city participated in the event that was put together by the culinary program at Lanier.

Church’s Chicken first opened in San Antonio and the first location used to be across the street from the Alamo. According to the Church’s website, George W. Church opened the location in 1952.

Fritos and Frito pie were invented in San Antonio. Charles Doolin invented Fritos in 1932 and his mother Daisy reportedly invited Frito pie also in the 1930s. There is some debate though that Frito pie was actually invented in New Mexico. Either way Frito pie is a famous concession stand food at most high school football games in South Texas.


I wanted to switch gears here and tell you what I’ve been crocheting these days, but it’s super secret ninja stuff. So instead I shared those fun food facts. Inez would have appreciated Frito Pie for sure! But I will be participating in April Crochet Challenge for St. Jude. The plan is to use only yarn I have on hand. They don’t ask for a donated item–only money and I’m tapped out on my $$ donation. Thanks to my dear Mother-in-Law for her extra donation. It’s a great cause. Some possible projects are in photos below.

Thanks to Pinterest, I can find ideas galore. I have 2 of the patterns printed and ready to go. Progress on these coming up in April!

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