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Badge 2023

Welcome back to Thursday Doors for 2023! I want to congratulate Teresa –My Camera and I, for being voted winner for the Badge contest! I think her art is perfectly fitting for the task. Plus I’m an admirer of watercolor. Love it!

I have a gallery for my first doors post of the year that will keep it easy on the eyes, I hope. The link gives a nice history of this rural Missouri church that you don’t find very often in my experience. I will only make mention of one fact in particular. This church was the ‘mother church’ in a 3 county area: Benton, Pettis and Morgan Counties.These folks are proud of their church heritage and I feel like many churches in this area don’t share their beginnings enough. For history buffs, it’s super intriguing. So my thanks to those who put in the time to make this information accessible to all.

This first photo is a screenshot via Google Earth and dated 2009. There’ve been some changes since then. This is a typical thing with rural areas. My own personal home ‘street view’ is from 2013. To the powers-that-be, you’re off the hook this time for the extremely delayed infomation.

Photo credit: Google Earth circa 2009

The last photo has purpose here other than the view of the countryside. This church used to be named “Lutheran Church on the Prairie” and shows how much the land has overgrown in the last 181 years. I would love to have seen its setting on those rolling hills. Bet it was gorgeous!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll take time to stop at Dan’s No Facilities for more doors from around the world.

Oh but guess how much the children love the banjo!
Ask me how I know ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. Great doors to begin a new year. Thanks for the link to the history. I have to say, “Lutheran Church on the Prairie” is a lot easier to get out than “Holy Cross Congregation of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Unaltered Augsburg Confession.” Yikes! Although, if I recall my study of German, long sentences never bothered them.

    The church appears to be well preserved, and given the role most pastor’s wives play in the operation of a church, I think she deserves her own parking space.

    Welcome back to a new year of doors. Thanks for displaying the new badge.

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