Radio Waves/Inez’sClippings

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and Mark came by this way and stopped a little while this evening. They have a radio.

Mon. March 10, 1930. We had our picnic today. We walked about 1 1/2 miles. It was a fine day except for a strong wind. I sent for some patterns today and also sent a name for May’s new seed house. They are offering a new car for the prize-winner.

Tues. March 11, 1930 We didn’t get the afternoon off yesterday as we thought we would as there was no one came to vote for director.

Wed. March 12, 1930. I wrote an application for the home school this evening. Herbert Berry was elected as……

Pg. 31— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

Inez only wrote highlites of a day in each journal entry. And so suffice it to say that 2 entries about a radio must have been a very enticing topic for her. When it comes to inventions, I’d say she realized what a difference this one would make in their lives. To be connected to the world in this way must have seemed so phenomenal. And even today, “if so and so can have that item, then why can’t we?” kind of reasoning is even more common than it would have been back in her day. I can picture her asking those she knew if they too had a radio. Kind of like taking a survey. The thought makes me smile. Grandma didn’t ask for much as far as I remember her. So this radio thing must have been a huge deal. And I remember her radio playing everyday at the table during lunch those summers I stayed with her. Hearing Paul Harvey’s “Good Day”became a right of passage to so many of my generation. I have to wonder what he’d have to say about today’s news reporters. There are none like him today. Just sayin’. Does anyone replay those broadcasts of Paul Harvey??

Before radio there were books. And I had a special request a week ago for a custom book sleeve to use for mass media books. You know, the romance and thriller novels that are great when you just want to sink into your chair on a lazy, rainy day? So the answer for this request was a definite “Yes!” And I even had the preferred fabric. So sharing the finished results. I made 1 for the trial run, and 2 more in the desired fabric.

Inserted tabs & snap closures

Listing videos that last no more than 15 seconds are the newest thing on Etsy.



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