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After a little break, it’s time to once again contribute to the Thursday Doors crowd. New year, new doors. But my doors this week are from the archives for many reasons. One would be the recent ice storm we just rode out. I don’t have good balance on anything slick. Never a contender for Olympic skating. Just sayin’. Thankful we were unscathed compared to many in this region. Photos in a bit. But first, the Doors.

I consider this view inside Sedalia’s city limits a real treat where barns are concerned. I’m sure it was once a sprawling farm and that it’s survived makes me appreciate the efforts of the owners. Having the roof tinned, keeping up the cupola and of course, a coat or 2 of paint all have been instrumental in its appeal. Weathered barns are picturesque, but many are on their last leg of life. This one has many years to go.

South Ohio Avenue

Not zooming in any further or you’ll get blur. But all doors in view are in good condition. I sure wish we could get a glimpse inside!

Barns Right Under Our Nose

Letting Kirsten, youngest daughter, bring home the laurels with some photograph magic. This is what 1/2 inch of ice can look like. Luckily roads had melted when she captured these. Click to view the gallery.

Great to have you here this Thursday Doors. Please take a few to visit Dan over at No Facilities for more doors from around the world. Til next time, be happy and be kind!



  1. The ice is beautiful, but I understand your not wanting to be out in it. Walking or driving under those conditions is a nightmare. That big barn is certainly a beauty, and you’re right, it looks like it’s ready to stand tall for a good long time.

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