Ernst & Sons Hardware/#Thursday Doors

Presenting Ernst & Sons Hardware, Lawrence, Kansas. From their  Facebook page I have learned sadly of their end. I never walked through the front doors, but was taken with the entrance at the back parking lot. Love the stonework, the window-paned doors and just the unique personality of this loading dock area.



Home owned hardware stores are becoming extinct and outdone with the huge chain-owned ones that have no idea of what they are snuffing out.

Ernst_son3Take time to visit your small home-town businesses this summer.

For other wonderful Thursday Doors please start out at Norm 2.0 and he’ll direct you to the proper isle.



  1. What a beautiful building and lovely doors! Yes, local hardware stores are getting harder and harder to find. It’s a particular shame because the people who ran them knew everything you needed to know but didn’t. 🙂


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  2. These are handsome doors. A local small-town hardware store in the next town over is in the process of going out of business right now. Sad to say, but they can’t compete with the big box stores. Shame – it’s a whole way of life we are losing. By the way, I went to pick up some organic veggie plants a couple of weeks ago at a NH farm, and the young lady waiting on me had a KU t-shirt on. I had a good chuckle, and when it was my turn asked if she had actually attended school there, and she said, yes. 🙂

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    • Wish I had them means to buy a hardware store. I’d have to add fabric and yarn to the side tho lol. Something for everyone as they say😊 cool meeting a KU student! They’re everywhere we are finding out. Rock chalk!

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  3. I love that stonework, too. Beautiful building, shame the store is closing. Our local hardware store was in danger of closing as no one seemed willing to take over from the owners, who wanted to retire. But, thankfully, a buyer was found and it has remained open. Long may it last.

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    • The husband and I talked about the stonework for a bit before actually stepping out of our parked vehicle. They had a gem of a building. Kudos to those for buying your local store for sure!!


  4. That is a shame. Nothing like a small family owned hardware store where they really know their stuff. We used to have one and I could always find great stocking stuffers for the guys in the family there.

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