No Place Like Home/#AtoZ

The April A to Z Blog Challenge is an annual blogging event in which participants blog every day (except Sundays) one post for each letter of the alphabet for the entire month. My theme for the year will be “Quilts and Ozark Slang.” So gitchur cuppa coffee or sodapop, grab a pilluh, and sit a spell.

There’s “No Place Like Home” of course. And this block would be gorgeous in multiples. It’s reminiscent of a Courthouse Steps or an Irish Chain design. The hourglass center is the part where you could have some variation in fabric colors. Kind of an Eye Spy quilt for a child. To put it simply, it has lots of potential and would work up very quickly. And of course, it would be easy to stitch in the ditch by machine and be done if you’re pinched for time.

No Place Like Home

Not a Happy Camper = today’s Ozark slang. Ever worked in retail or another service-oriented job where you could tell a client was extremely ticked off? This saying is a subtle hint that you had best not get in their way. Just walk the other direction and call the manager. If you are the manager, keep your poker face and give them something free.

There are many more wonderful blogs this year that I hope you can spend a couple minutes reading. All you have to do is click here and select something that interests you. To read about the A to Z Challenge and what we are all about, click here.



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