Joseph’s Coat/ #AtoZ

The April A to Z Blog Challenge is an annual blogging event in which participants blog every day (except Sundays) one post for each letter of the alphabet for the entire month. My theme for the year will be “Quilts and Ozark Slang.” So gitchur coffee or sodapop, grab a pilluh, and sit a spell.

The Letter today is J.

I’m going to combine my ‘Ozark slang’ of  “just a smidge” with todays quilt block. It seems relevant with the skewed picture above on the right. You see, you’ll need to visualize rotating the center block “star” just a smidge to have it appear correctly before piecing. It means just a little bit. And, notice I just showed you another one of those stars I keep telling you about. A star is pointed around a center in quilting. Not exactly the official definition, but it does the trick for the purpose of this blog post.


The completed block above worked up without any issues. Really wishing I had one of those computer programs that could table a bunch of these designs side by side to see different color combination possibilities. Computer genious friends, any suggestions?

There are many more wonderful blogs this year that I hope you can spend a couple minutes reading. All you have to do is click here and select something that interests you. To read about the A to Z Challenge and what we are all about, click here.



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