New Waterwheel/#AtoZChallenge

During the month of April, I’m participating in the Blogging From A to Z Challenge for my 4th year in a row – 3 of which are on this blog. Each day, except Sundays, there will be a post for the letter of the day as well as keeping with my personal theme of Quilts and Quotes. Feel free to leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you! Also check out the other A to Z’ers in the comment section of the Official A to Z Blog Page.

Waterwheels are often associated with grist mills and dutch windmills. For me, I think of steamboats on the Missouri River. The Mighty Mo is dotted with buried, sunken steamboats.

Restored paddle wheel of the Steamboat Arabia

The 1856 Steamboat Arabia was discovered, excavated and is on display at the Steamboat Arabia Museum in Kansas City, Missouri, since 1991. It is one of the finest displays ‘in progress’ in the world. It is well worth a few dollars and your time.

There was only a single life lost on the wreck of the Arabia.

MulecollageImage“The owner of the mule was intereviewed shortly after the sinking of the Arabia. He reported that he tried his very best to free his mule, but it was just too stubborn and would not leave the sinking steamer. The mule, however, would tell a different story for the reins were  discovered as they had been for 132 years — firmly tied to the lumber mill jack.” I wonder how many of the people then were as doubtful as I was when I first read this story. Mules happen to be very good swimmers.

So for this Letter N quilt block, chose this block pattern.

New waterwheelPattern

I couldn’t resist giving it a ‘watered down’ appearance. (chuckle)

New waterwheelframed

This one is slightly larger than 6 inches (6 3/4), but we will make it work with a little fudgin’.

Join me again tomorrow for more of the April A to Z Blog Challenge 2017!



  1. Just found your site through Hilary and glad of it. How ingenious of you to take the color pattern of the 2017 #AtoZ logo and incorporate it into your quilt pattern. I am a hooked-for-life family genealogy researcher and liked your comment about going the DNA route. My sister did that for our family . I love all your quilt squares, quotes, and historical comments. Feel bad for the mule.
    N is for Nachos with Flat Stanley Rose

    Liked by 1 person

    • I swear it was coincidence on the color choice. I’ve had this set of fabrics calling my name for about 10 years. In fact might be longer as the dates on the selvage say 2005. I doubt I bought it then since I’m a bargain shopper. They were probably on clearance lol I appreciate you stopping by! Will be marking you on my ‘list’ from this challenge and will keep in touch 🙂


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