On Display/Thursday Doors

Because most of us gals like to window shop, I’m sharing some Display Doors this week……

with stuff to gaze at.

Close to my heart are the quilts and afghans shown here from The Missouri State Fair of 2016.

I’m seriously contemplating whether one of my ‘made’ items is worthy for the 2017 fair. But it’s strictly a secret at this time as to what I’d like to enter. I’ll keep you posted naturally.


This door opened up some fond memories of my own. I had a hat just like this one and I absolutely loved it! I can remember my chagrin at my mother when it went away.  Honestly it probably suffered a terrible demise when our home was blown to smithereens in a tornado. Gotta love the Midwest weather. The fact that it’s Groundhog Day has us thinking about that Spring forecast.


Just some light reading on the display and the exhibitor who contributed it.

For other Thursday Door entries, click here and find Norm’s blue link button at the bottom of his post.



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