Mini Cathedral/Thursday Doors

I’ve kind of held off on sharing this gem for Thursday Doors for a few weeks. It’s a work of art and my fellow Doors enthusiasts will be at least slightly amused at my take on it this week.


I only wish I’d been looking at the detailed information just a little bit more as there’s no way to return to find it now.  The Missouri State Fair 2017 is long gone.


There’s a whole page of details in the top right of this pic. I was so focused on the flash reflecting in many of my shots that I neglected to capture the entrant’s story behind this lovely cathedral in miniature.

scrolldoor (4)

Some of it did ‘make it’ though and so if you care to read what was captured, you can get a fairly good idea of the main story for the piece.

Anyway, this is my entry for Thursday Doors and I hope you enjoyed and appreciate the time it took for the creator to complete this scrollwork cathedral — 3 months.

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And many thanks to the guest hosts manning the challenge, past, present and future! Norm 2.0 is much relieved to be in good hands I’m sure 🙂

On Display/Thursday Doors

Because most of us gals like to window shop, I’m sharing some Display Doors this week……

with stuff to gaze at.

Close to my heart are the quilts and afghans shown here from The Missouri State Fair of 2016.

I’m seriously contemplating whether one of my ‘made’ items is worthy for the 2017 fair. But it’s strictly a secret at this time as to what I’d like to enter. I’ll keep you posted naturally.


This door opened up some fond memories of my own. I had a hat just like this one and I absolutely loved it! I can remember my chagrin at my mother when it went away.  Honestly it probably suffered a terrible demise when our home was blown to smithereens in a tornado. Gotta love the Midwest weather. The fact that it’s Groundhog Day has us thinking about that Spring forecast.


Just some light reading on the display and the exhibitor who contributed it.

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Not the Roman Variety/Thursday Doors

Last August, I snapped a photo of The Coliseum located on the Missouri State Fairgrounds. It has a long history and makes a pretty grand presence next to all the concession tents, parked vehicles and trailers.

But it’s hard to really appreciate it with all that overcrowded parking.



Yesterday evening, before sunset and before the clouds in the distance rolled in, I was able to dash over and get this opportunity at a picture. You see, there’ll be another crowd here this weekend with a “Tough Mudder Mud Run” event. It’s quite a big deal to some and I wish them well, but not my cup of tea.


My husband tells me at the time of this writing that he has a newspaper of the Reagan visit and a coin in our ‘safe place’. Nice to know now when it’s so safe, I can’t get to it until later.  (chuckle)


Here’s the back view. Fence in the middle left is leading to the cattle barns that I’ll show you some other time. Keeps the run-away steers a little less life-threatening 😉


For the ‘Doors’ section of this post, I present some barn doors. Locked for now. Saving a view from inside another day.


My favorite is something you see now-a-days on home improvement channels. I love those sliding doors. I have an idea I could use this for as we speak.

gonna add it to my Honey-Do list. have to say these things softly.

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The Bear Coat and Hat/WPC


The Missouri State Fair is goin’ on here in Sedalia. While visitin last night, the Home Ec building was first on the to-see agenda. Mainly to see the quilts and crocheted items. But then This happened. A piece of Americana was on display. Nothing says Missouri like a piece of Harry Truman memorabilia.

File_006 (7)

File_007 (2)

Further investigation was required to satisfy my curiosity. Found this info.

Memoirs of Milwaukee County: From the Earliest Historical …, Volume 2, Part 2

By Jerome A. Watrous

Wonder if ‘The-Buck-Stops-Here Harry’ knew the background of this coat maker?

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