The Seasons Have Changed/SundaySampler


Today I bring you…..cowlsunday

The short ones for keepin the wind from getting inside your coat:


This one has a little twist:


Then there’s a bit more lacework to some.


But the newest trend for the season is in the versatility.


From my favorite author John Steinbeck:

“What good is the warmth of summer

without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”

Have a wonderful week everyone!




  1. Thank you! It was a lattice pattern and mainly treble crochet stitch with chain stitches between. Then ribbing along top and bottom edges for strength. I really like the thicker yarns for them this time of year.


  2. Beautiful! Someone from church asked yesterday when fall was going to arrive in Texas. I reminded them that we were outside and not sweating so that meant summer was officially over and we *are* in fall! I’m still on my quest to figure out why I always end up on a site about pork chop recipes when I click on the link for you – but that’s a challenge for another day!

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    • I am rolling over right now!!! That is absolutely hilarious about the pork chop site. I sure appreciate your making a special effort to find my site 😊 We turned the heat on at night here a couple weeks ago for the first time.


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