In the Garden/ Letter G/WPC

If you have a garden, you understand there’s  never enough pocket space for your tools.


  • Gloves
  • Clippers
  • Scissors
  • Extra ties for viny or lanky things
  • Extra seeds when you have gaps between seedlings
  • and of course, the cell phone. (or some of us still take a cordless house phone outside) Can’t miss those calls

I chose to make an upcycled variety from my oodles of old jeans and fabric stash.

I’m wingin’ it here because I’ll be using it for myself so there are no precise measurements. Maybe I’ll be more picky if I decide to give one away or sell one at a craft booth?

Polka dots are the theme I used for this apron.

Let the gardening begin!

Well it kinda has. Here’s my late entry for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. Landscape is the topic. Couldn’t resist these tender moments when you first see children take notice of their immediate landscape.

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