Place of Honor/ WordPress Photo Challenge

Life Imitates Art

My piece of inspiration this week came in a work of art brought home from ‘the trenches’ after WWI. My grandfather-in-law was a veteran of that war and we were recently filled with pride to find this heirloom trench art created from an artillery shell that is most definitely a piece of Life Imitating Art. Time was passed waiting on life or death creating these works of art. The stories it could tell!! We only wish it could tell the artist’s name.

Carved pieces seem to have a ‘Place of Honor’ on the end table. The clock is dated Aug. 4, 1912. The plaque; a gift from my daughters.


IMG_0087 (2)
The markings tell us it’s a French round.

IMG_1164 (2)

We found what we believe the cross and ribbon originate from. It’s called ‘Cross of Mentana’ or (Croix de Mentana), 1868. The Imperial French government authorized the wearing of the cross with uniform on 3 March 1868. If you know any more on this subject, feel free to leave a comment.


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