The Blanket Stitch (as seen on Pinterest)

I recently made a few of these……IMG_3707 (2) IMG_3809 (2) IMG_3804 (2)

And this one is on Etsy as of this morning….

IMG_1793 (2)

So I thought I’d share just how useful via Pinterest the Blanket stitch is to sewing items across the board.

There’s Edges for Felt items(wool penny rugs)f5165e5b5a740b06ff60cf98a8c3c8a6

For applique


Garment edging…

be3ee6504a9b98bfb6a042319276c6bfSo sweet for baby

And of course if you’re crocheting on the edge, it’s a critical foundation stitch.


William Penn once said :”Time is what we want most but what we use worst.”

I guess what those of us on Etsy do is

sell you the time you don’t have 🙂


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