Super Hero Party 101

IMG_2585 (2)

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned the popularity of the Don’t Eat Pete game. We’ve made various versions to go with different parties and this one is no different. Introducing the Don’t Eat the Super Hero game. Alphabit cereal pieces go on each picture and while one of the children hides his/her eyes, we choose which one is it by pointing. “It” gets to eat a cereal piece one at a time while we wait for them to pick our choice. We can name the letters as they eat each cereal bite for our letter/sound recognition. Makes learning fun. We then holler “Don’t Eat the Super Hero/Pete/Cat/ or whatever our theme is. They A.D.O.R.E. this game! Lots of smiles and great chance to eat a little snack. What does it teach??  Taking turns, memory, speaking in unison, teamwork, color recognition, picture recognition (after all we sometimes don’t remember Thor from Flash Gordon for example).

IMG_2586 (2)

This is a photo of our Shields. We upcycled cereal boxes and in the next photo you’ll notice the handle I fashioned for each one. This creates a one size fits all and there’s no taping anything to mess with. Simple is the best way for Early Childhood.

 IMG_2587 IMG_2589 (2)

On the back of each Shield is a super hero movement suggestion. You may need to improvise when someone isn’t developmentally ready to do a somersault for example. The Children are very quick to make a suggestion for their friends in these instances. It’s such a sweet thing to observe humanity at its best.

IMG_2591 (2)

We drew a circle on the sidewalk as well to jump in and out of for the jumprope rhyme. You don’t have to have a jumprope. Improvise these great childhood rhymes and make them your own. We jumped in the door, out the door, did a wave out the door, flew out the door. The possibilities are huge.

IMG_2595 (2)

With my phone tunes (usually Elvis or Hank Williams Sr just because that’s who soothes the baby. tee hee) we marched around holding our shields and stopping when the music mutes. It’s then that the actions on the shields come into play.

IMG_2598 (2)

Here’s the crab walk. Our birthday boy led the group with the ‘dark green’ cape. It’s his favorite color in case you didn’t know 🙂

IMG_2599 (2)

Using some chalk, they decided to do some tracing on different surfaces. My young friend here chose to try out the landscape timber to trace his shield. He’s 2 by the way. Capes, shields, chalk, stickers, cereal, music, and a camera. That’s all you need to be a SuperHero!!!


Flying Fish

Have YoU? ever seen a flying fish? Some outdoor playtime gave us the opportunity to make some. They look like this….

IMG_2543 (2)

Ours are made from recycled magazines. Maybe I’ll make a tutorial?? That would be a first.

IMG_2539 (2)

Here’s what happens when you toss them up. They float & flutter in downward spirals. This gave us an opportunity to experience a little Science & Sensory all in one! And after much Large Muscle movement and some emphasis on the letter F, we moved on to some more tranquil play. Sand & Funnels


What better way to spend a warm summer day?


Camping Party

 IMG_2534 (2)

A June highlite for all you partiers out there! This one is for preschoolers so you may move along if it doesn’t appeal to your age group 🙂 We came upon our theme with the purchase of Flat Stanley Goes Camping.

IMG_2516 (2)This creation was our impromptu ‘campfire’. There was much safety talk before the festivities began as we took a time for that Teaching Moment.

Games to be played around the campfire…..

  • Campfire stories of course
  • Marshmallow toss (we used cotton balls)
  • Musical campfire

IMG_2525 (2)

A little outdoor play with the parachute is mandatory when weather permits with our rendition of “How Many Do You Want to Be?”(a counting game) As well as our “Weather of the Day”, after all, camping is greatly impacted by the weather, right?!

IMG_2528 (2)We have to send a big THanK YoU! to Weston’s mommy for providing our camping-style treat. Ice Cream Sundaes. Topping choices were chocolate, strawberry syrup, whipped topping and sprinkles. Yummo!


Some Butterflies

Recycling got me through a Butterfly theme last week.


Cereal Boxes became lacing shapes.


Old tagboard Butterflies helped us find ‘our number’


Expired posters from a Mom’s workplace were donated to let us practice counting sets. More about what’s on the reverse side later.


Scrap paper from cuttings became a part of our Mother’s Day gift.


Ta Da!!!! A Butterfly Magnet for Mom’s refrigerator!

Happy Mother’s Day!!



For the record, Do you know how hard it is to find songs that begin with certain letters And are written for a banjo??? Well,for X, this is the best I could do under the time span I had. So hopefully you will remember it is a part of American history and this is not done to offend anyone. History has many lessons. I played it slowly to reflect the ‘times past’ and not as a carefree, joyful tune. I will have a different set of songs ready if I participate in this blog next year. Who knows? Maybe I’ll take up the fiddle again?? After all, I have 2 daughters who play and I even took lessons for a time. Maybe they’ll accompany me sometime. Ya just never know.

What I’d really like to give you are my Xamples of lessons learned as a mother/childcare provider. These have no particular order.  I hope you enjoy!

  • A new mother will tell you that sleep is NOT overrated. So will an experienced one 🙂
  • Baby’s will always have a bm After you just changed their diaper.
  • The toy you only have One of is the one fought over.
  • Moms always forget to send diapers the day they are late for work.
  • Someone always needs to potty when I just closed the bathroom door.
  • Songs are always sang perfectly by the children when it’s just me listening.
  • Ketchup should be a vegetable
  • The phone always rings just when you spent 30 minutes rocking that baby to sleep.
  • A child will Always have another one walk in front of the slide just as they are going down it.
  • The cardboard box is always more fun than the gift.
  • Children always get fevers when parents have no sick days left at work.
  • Children will try to climb furniture the one time you leave the room.
  • Baby’s will always get hungry in the middle of the check out line.
  • The camera battery will die just when the baby smiles for you.
  • If your child is well, do everything humanly possible to avoid a Doctor’s office. They Will leave with a ‘something or other’ that they didn’t have before they got there. You don’t need those Parting Gifts.

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Will the Circle Be Unbroken

Where’s my…….

A phrase I hear quite a lot from my family since I’m the one who works at home and so I’m supposed to know where everything is.

I’d like to take this moment to tell you how many “W” questions that run through my day.

  • What’s the matter?
  • Where are you going?
  • Will you go with me to turn on the light?
  • We are out of toilet paper!
  • When will my mommy/daddy be here?
  • What can we do now?
  • What are we eating for breakfast/lunch/snack? (same child will ask at least 10 times)
  • Why do we have to go inside?
  • When will it quit raining/snowing?
  • Will you help me button this?
  • Where does this go?
  • Who was that?
  • Where did Scooter go? (our cat)
  • What?
  • Why do I have to try my peas/beans/cheese/milk?
  • Will you help me blow my nose?
  • Will Gracie be here today?

My questions go like this….

  • What did you have for supper?  do last night?   watch on tv?
  • Where did you put the green phone? (highly coveted item)
  • Who forgot to flush?
  • Who has a stinky diaper?
  • Will you tie your shoes for me?
  • Who wants the stroller next?
  • Will we need to set the timer for that toy for turn-taking?
  • What are we gonna do with that silly dilly?
  • We get what we get and we don’t throw a fit
  • Walk in the house
  • Where did you get that smile?
  • Who told you to be so good? 🙂
  • When did you grow? You’re bigger today?
  • When I was a little girl……..
  • Wow! You did it!
  • What?! You caught your sneeze??!!
  • Way to use your words!
  • Wonderful work!
  • Wiggle those wiggles out!
  • Work those muscles!
  • Will you be a friend?
  • Will you sing me a song? sing a song with me? teach me your song?
  • Whoopsie Daisy

Can you say Worn Out?? It’s the eighth Wonder of the World I can remember much of anything!


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Old Virginia

Slide show of painting our treat bags for Easter.

The Voices of children are my topic for this blog. After all, kids say the darndest things. For example, a recent conversation starter went like this……But please remember we live in a rural farming community and parents hunt here…..among other things 🙂

Pretend you find a rabbit eating you carrots. What could you do to keep the rabbit out of your garden?

Desmond (age 3): I would just take his head off! Then he couldn’t see where he was going anymore.

Weston (age 3): I would carry him and hold his ears and put him in the bunny trap so he could go Night Night.

Gracie (age 5): I would actually hold his ears and put him in his cage and feed him carrots for the rest of his life.

Dexter (age 4): I would do this…….”shoo, shoo, shoo!” and tell him to go away!

Lou (age 5): I would, hmmmmm…….keep it and give it a carrot!

Macoy (age 2): A Cat 🙂  (he’s gonna be the REal gardener someday)

Ben (age 2): Good!  (we don’t quite know if he liked Macoy’s comment or the idea of Eating the carrots lol)

So, bloggers, family and friends. I figured out long ago I am not the book writer. But who says I can’t create some for the future?! At least that’s my plan.

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Spanish Fandango

Speech can be taken for granted. When you have a child enter a daycare setting who lacks language skills and obviously Wants to talk to you, it’s a challenge. But with time, patience and practice, it can change. It will not happen overnight. Connections must be made and it’s all part of the process of learning. Single syllables become longer, more complicated words. Those words start combining with other words to become sentences. The most fantastic part is the look in their eyes when they realize you understand them. Talk about unexpected rewards. I’m not sure I can explain my elation when I see it happening. And having the parents come in the door and have a conversation with their child about their day? If you know anything about a parent’s love, then I need say no more.

Reading to children is the #1, most important way to expand that speech. How you choose to read is one of the finer points I’d like to discuss as well as some other little tidbits.

  • Recordings of reading/talking to play back. (Yes, buy a tape recorder or use that app on your phones)
  • Sounds of animals Must be vocalized in All stories, I don’t care how you fit it in.
  • Singing is a fear of many adults. But 2 to 5 year olds never criticize a voice so just chime on in. (You will never hear me on Idol or the Voice, trust me)But sing those stories and nursery rhymes when you get the chance. They will RemembeR them.
  • Look into their eyes, the key to the soul.
  • Have conversations. When they hear you talking to them or to others, they are listening and absorbing. You know how a child picks up curse words when you least expect it? Well it’s the same way with conversations. They Are Hearing You.
  • Do things repetitively. Count, say ABC’s, Name objects over and over and over. This can be during any time of their day. Putting on shoes, washing hands, dancing.
  • Hum. Make all kinds of vocalizations
  • Keep other children around for playdates if you are a stay at home mother. Social skills and speech go hand in hand.
  • Remember reading doesn’t have to be in a book. There are labels all around us. In home, at the store, while driving down the road. What child doesn’t recognize a McDonald’s sign.
  • That gossip you heard in the office??? Well try using that concept while holding a phone to your ear and pretending to talk to your child. (I know I don’t have to remind you to keep it Rated G)
  • Keep it fun. If they get “that look”, let it go for awhile and come back to it a different way.

Can you imagine doing your most favorite thing in the world and someone interrupts you to do something that frustrates you? This is a child playing contentedly with toys and in pops this adult who wants them to start naming objects on flashcards.  Keep it real and they’ll blossom before your eyes.

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Nashville Blues

I have absolutely no idea how to transition from Scruggs style, foot tappin, deep in the hills music to my blog topic. So I won’t. Hope you enjoyed my version that I wish I owned a Scruggs tuner for. I settled for chokes and slides instead. (music jargon)

Not your typical eggs.

Upcycled Egg Art

Upcycled Egg Art

We recycled some magazine and posterboards for creating eco-friendly Easter Eggs. As I have a child here with egg and peanut allergies, we decided to avoid coloring Real eggs this year. Just playing it safe. I’d like to take this time to thank one of my daycare parents for donating all the posterboard for our ‘creations’. I hope to show more ways to use it up in future posts.


Skills learned in this activity:

  • Sensory experience:  glue gets on your fingers and Is Sticky
  • More Sensory: Paper can tear if you’re not gentle, or sometimes even if you are
  • Math: Eggs are Ovals
  • Math: Sequence (glue must go on first ….. then the paper
  • Language: Letter recognition from use of magazines
  • Fine Motor: Drawing a line with the glue and then practicing getting the paper on that line
  • Self- Esteem: Pride in the completed project

Our point in this experience was to learn how to create with uncommon materials and enjoy the process. This is when the mind unleashes creativity.  I suppose we are Nourishing young minds…. my N word (other than Nashville).


Jesus Loves Me

If I’m well by the time this post airs, I hope to let you listen to the children in my home daycare sing Jesus Love Me to you. I have had the stomach bug 3 times this season. A record. And an occupational hazard I have learned to live with. Anyhoo, My policy says no ‘faces’ of children on my blog to keep them safe online. But we can add sound and show you our “Jazzy” party ideas.

This set of party ideas is for a 1 year old & I’m showing it ‘in photos’.IMG_6374a

Conversation starter….What will they be doing in 20 years?

IMG_0153 IMG_0154

Body tracing (we had to tape some paper together) Everyone helps decorate. And then we played musical hats. When music stops, you put one on. We had a little trouble that time with ‘someone’ who wanted to stomp hats. Never a dull moment. haha

IMG_0441 IMG_0442

This is a homemade game using wallpaper book samples. We picked an Action Flower and then performed the action as a group. Glad there’s not a video of that! lol

IMG_0456 IMG_0464.jpga

The stickers are for Pin the Jewel on the Crown. We use masking tape over sunglasses because some children are afraid to be blindfolded. It is an awesome solution!

The grand finale is making personal pizzas. Under each bagel pizza is a name written in black marker so they know they are getting “their” pizza. Possession is 9 /10ths of the law right??!!  Early minds quickly grasp that theory. Don’t believe me? Watch a pair of 2 year olds playing side by side. Or watch a pair of parents going through child custody. Same difference.