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Bringing you a short and sweet post from Clinton, Missouri this Thursday Doors. If I’m not mistaken this is part of a cultural arts center connected to the Henry County Museum. I hope to head back there soon to visit during its open hours. Museums in small towns are a sign of local pride and happy to see this town embraces its history.

Newer windows and doors for energy efficiency due to Missouri's extreme weather fluctuations is a must.
Newer windows and doors for energy efficiency due to Missouri’s extreme weather fluctuations is a must.

A good effort in trying to keep with the rest of downtown Clinton’s architecture by switching up the windows and doors.

Peeking out the door
Peeking out the door

Now this is my kind of graffiti! Humor never hurts either.

For more wonderful doors I hope you’ll visit Norm 2.0 and let him direct you to the rest of us–his door contributors.



We like Dramatic Play in my childcare environment. And when you need something to fill the time, you make something the children can take home. But first, we do a ‘Test Run’. After all, it’s more fun to play with friends! Right?!

So showing you how we turned a simple color page into a way to extend our theme of Fire Safety into the Dramatic Play Center. This color page is from about 19 years back so sorry no link for making a copy.


But maybe you could find a back issue on Amazon??

 Notice the $5.50 price? Unheard of today.



Here is a view of supplies needed including a color page. We printed ours on cardstock for more longevity.


The color and cut stage

Connect the long tubes on each end ONLY.

Masking tape works best.

For the “People”, firefighters in this instance, use tape loops and attach to the smaller tubes.

Finally, slide the fire truck in-between the longer tubes. It should be a snug fit. Trim the ends if it’s a little long. And there you have it! Individual play sets for your theme to enhance Dramatic Play.


Skills Learned from Dramatic Play:


  • Learning to cooperate, to control impulses (like tearing it up by ‘crashing’, leads to less aggressive tendencies.
  • Eye/hand coordination, fine and gross motor skills
  • Developing literacy skills with use of new language, role-playing and problem solving
  • Learning to ask and answer questions. This introduces a larger view of the world they are living in. Some of them will relate the events of the evening news they see at home to their play. Great opportunity to ‘be there’ to discuss our times.


Talk with your caregiver about the importance of Dramatic Play.

This post is being updated and reblogged from my personal daycare blog from Oct. 17, 2015.


We gather lots of broken crayons around here.


And they get stored in these extra large ice cream containers. When it gets about half full, I turn to ways to upcycle them.

The hubby is pretty good at discovering bargains on ebay and found this Crayola Melt & Mold Factory at a decent price. It comes with a couple mold styles and looked like it would be a good way to occupy school-agers this summer.


Here is where I insert the facts. If you have only a few broken crayons, this is the way to go because this is how many (I’m being Very generous) you can melt in one sitting. And in one sitting I mean 45 minutes from beginning to end. I wasn’t very impressed with the results as there were air gaps in the molds in the end so you ended up with half-baked crayons. Not very sturdy for those with a firm grip.

Time to move on obviously.


My tried and true method that I have had a lot of success with are these little silicone bakers. They are great for practicing color sorting or color mixing that All ages greatly enjoy. I’m sure you can find many shapes in silicone bakeware or candy molds, but I just use the ones I already have.


My round crayons give new shape, color, and variety to the crayon bin.

Did I mention they are stackable? Quite the item to take outdoors as well. It’s pretty hard to lose these bright round disks, and even harder for them to get choked on. They make great paper weights when the wind is blowing (so you can never have too many).I have a few other ideas I’m planning with these gems for the future. I’ll have to let you know how they work out.

Hope this “Free Tip Friday” brightens the start to your weekend!

Nope. Don’t Have One/Thursday Doors

Guess I’m antiquated, but no, I’ve never been tatooed. But I like the way this door is accented with the winged windows. LawrenceTatooShop

It’s not a fear of needles. I’ve had 3 reconstructive knee surgeries. I’ve seen plenty of beautiful tatoos and meaningful ones. It’s not that I’m against them. I just don’t want one.  Kudos to you who have them. I will continue to admire them from afar. From Lawrence, Kansas, I present this Thursday Doors. Please visit Norm 2.0 for other door entries from around the world.

Mother’s Nature Scene/Sunday Sampler


Windsor Toy And Craft Show December 2013

Yesterday my eldest, Rachel and I stopped by my mother’s on our way home. We wanted to share the doctor’s latest plan for Rachel after her trip to the ER a couple weeks ago. (More on that later.) Plus it’s always nicer to speak to your mom in person. 🙂 Not to mention, she’s stranded at home in Green Ridge (micro mini small town USA) due to her truck being repaired. Has to be a boring January weekend.

Towards the end of our visit she directed us to her kitchen where she’d put her latest project. She told us she’d recently been attending a Women’s Club in town. My mother is a socialite at heart! She presented her ‘attempt’ as she put it at painting.

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She explained they used masking tape and she decided to place hers evenly. This is her result. We told her she needed to frame it. It’s pretty good for her first attempt wouldn’t you say? Choosing her as my Sunday Sampler this week to proclaim….imagesKO29ASWM