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A local hidden gem from Sedalia, Missouri this week. We were picking up our youngest daughter after the end of a wedding reception here—a new venue made from an old downtown brick building. And they have done a wonderful job with it! More on it another time though.


What caught our eye was this building across the street. It was probably the sleigh in the window.

“One Horse Open Sleigh” –Sorry I couldn’t resist

The following gallery is the doors section. The building was originally a blacksmith shop, circa 1918 with this section added in 1930. Note the hammer above the door in the photos. And beyond you will find a story from a local historian from one of her books about the history of Sedalia. The photo is not mine. But it displays the building the Brown family moved to in later years.

This 1947 building is now Boonslick Library

Sedalia By Rebecca Carr Imhauser · 2016

Hope to share more local love with the price of gasoline. To do more traveling on a budget, visit Dan at No Facilities for the rest of the Thursday Doors entries.



  1. It looks like we were both draw (like that sleigh) to businesses that were famous for beating metal into shape with a hammer. As much as I like seeing the doors and buildings, I also enjoy learning a bit of the history. Thanks for sharing that, too.

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