Seven (7)!! Grades to Herself/Inez’sClippings

Contd. from Feb. 23, 1930. Went to Lena’s today.

They were coming out but they got word that Aunt Cynthia’s were coming down so they asked to come in there. Dad brought me to Muriel’s this evening.

Mon. Feb 24, 1930 The Courtney children came to school today. That makes 7 grades that I have, now. They aren’t such bad children, either. I have to arrange my schedule, now so that the classes will be divided according to the time we have.

Tues. Feb. 25, 1930 Today is Dottie Dufur’s birthday. I am just 18 1/2 years old. It rained last night. It thundered and lightning just like in the summer. It is a little cooler today.

Pg. 27— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

My grandmother had Seven grades to herself! At 18 1/2 years old nonetheless! In contrast, I have potty-trained seven 2-year olds at once. And quite frankly, I think it’s probably very similar. Lots of shuffling of schedules to make sure everyone gets their job done successfully. You figure out pretty quickly who can communicate their needs versus those who are more incapable. And I’m thinking those Courtney children must have had their good points or Inez wouldn’t have given them that little bit of praise. I’m sure she stressed somewhat not knowing their level of past achievements. And did someone tell her they would be difficult? Is her remark due to some gossip? Always have questions I wish I could ask her.

I’m still “Sewing the Scrap out of March” with some special fabrics. I blogged about these scraps and fabric yardages I received from my neice who’s living in Okinawa, Japan back in October. She mailed me some gorgeous fabrics as well as some scraps from her own quilt-making. So I’ve decided a Twin Sister block project will use them up nicely. Sharing the cutting and the pattern pic. Not yet went to the sewing machine with these, but their time is getting penciled in.

The example of a Twin Sisters block is shown in the photograph. To find this quilt tutorial, you’ll need the book, “Candy Store and More: 1930’s Quilts Made New” by Kay Connors and Karen Earlywine. Their version of the quilt is named Barn Dance. The title of the block, “Twin Sisters”, came from an early newspaper clipping from a Spokane newspaper from 1933. The original 1933 version block measured 8 x 8 inches. This one will have 6 1/2 inch squares when finished. The quilt I have planned won’t have those long strips. Or not unless I change my mind. Wouldn’t be the first time. One thing is for certain, I’m making use of scraps for the next year—not just for the month of March. Thanks to Tea and Brie for the jumpstart!



  1. Wow, I hadn’t realised Inez was so young! Quite a task to take on, teaching such a wide age range 🙂

    I love seeing your quilting projects too. Although I haven’t done so for decades, I did have an enthusiasm for quilting in my early 20s and was fascinated by the patterns and the stories behind them 🙂

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    • The only women who were hired to teach then were single so I think they were not plentiful, especially the further west you went.
      Thanks for the quilting encouragement 😊 I always thought mid-50’s would afford me more time, but not yet lol

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