Late Check-In/ThursdayDoors

Greetings and this is Friday in case you haven’t checked your calendar yet. I’m checking in late.

In the interest of Thursday Doors, I have some barns for you. In our part of the world, you can find them in and outside city limits. But this week I found these three in the eastern part of Pettis County.

The barn door is slid open a little and those cedars have been there quite awhile.
Pole barns are common but this one is pretty large. Hay trough in the foreground.

Hope to see you again next week when Doors participants are encouraged to share the year’s favorites. Until then, please take a few to visit Dan over at No Facilities for doors shared from around the globe.



  1. You know I love barns. That first photo is such a lovely scene. I could stare at the for a while. The bottom example is great – what a difference, indeed. Part of me wants to draw a smiling mouth under those two little windows 🙂

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  2. Hi Katy, a late response, because December was too busy, so I dropped some stitches! Sorry, but I didn’t want you to chink I was not interested. That pole barn looks big! Since August I moved back to the suburbs, so all we have is a little shed:):) It’s okay with me, more for hubby’s tools. Hope your Christmas and New Year was enjoyable. We wukk see what this year brings…. Jesh

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    • Oh it’s perfectly fine you gave me a surprise visit! Much appreciated any time! 🙂 Hope you are doing well in the ‘burbs and look forward to visiting your blog in a few. This year has been interesting already to say the least. haha I’m glad I’m a wallflower in the grand scheme of things. Stay safe!!


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