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Good Thursday to ya’ll! Glad to be back with Norm’s Thursday Doors for a door donation–better know as a door-nation to our aficionado. Above, some barns that we see on our drives to KC. The red one you’ll find just outside Lamonte, Missouri and the Shamrock Farm is about 5 miles west of Warrensburg, Missouri. Both of them are Doors-worthy but with the high grasses, you’re hard-pressed to view them very well. Retakes is something to keep in mind once hay has been mowed or the cold sets in. So hope you’ll check back later for updates.

Barn photos were the result of a trip to Overland Park, Kansas to purchase a new sewing machine. I came upon a deal for a Bernina that was less than a year old and traded in by a lady who trades hers in yearly. Darn my luck! Got a half price machine with lots of amenities. Pretty stoked! For the record, my old Bernina is now 28 years old. It was time.

'Betsy' is taken. So what'll I christen this one??
‘Betsy’ is taken. So what’ll I christen this one??

For more Thursday Doors from around the world, visit Norm 2.0 and he’ll point the way. Thanks for hangin’ out a bit!



  1. Great sewing machine score! That looks like a fancy pants complicated pro-level contraption you’ve got there. We have a cute little old Brother VX-1140 sitting in our laundry room that my wife inherited from her mom. Neither of us knows how to use it but if there isn’t a vaccine available soon & we end up stuck at home all winter, then sewing will be the next new skill on our list.

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      • Oh cool with the red fountain water! We cheer for the Chiefs all the time. We were there one year for a visit when they were all pink for breast cancer awareness month. I’ll see if she’s seen any of the red ones lately ๐Ÿ™‚

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