A Little Escape/ThursdayDoors

I can’t imagine anyplace on the planet right now that is safe unless you have your own island. But then we’re supposed to be creating our own ‘island’ with social distancing, sheltering in, etc. I’m checking in with the ThursdayDoors crew a day behind, but I have a little donation island share that will at least allow dreams of better days ahead. Thanks to my daughter who sent me photos back in January. Much appreciated.

Her trip was plagued by earthquakes, power outages and high winds keeping everyone away from the ocean. I feel like we haven’t broken up that momentum with things still going wrong in the world. Daycare is closed due to the hubby’s weak immune system so not exactly the best situation. Even if it weren’t for that, I honestly don’t know how I could have fed all the children and my own family (dietary restrictions in our household) with the food hoarding going on. My state licensing officials have even had to implement rules for cases when all you have to use is cloth to wipe. We’re talking fabric. Guess I could have parted with my stash but there’s no rinsing and washing it afterwards. It’s toss it out after a single use. Sorry, too much information. But we are very grateful to have what we need along with our health, so far. So I hope you enjoy the share from Puerto Rico and my best to each one of you as we manuever through the days ahead.

Photo opportunity in Old San Juan. Miss her!
Stark weather contrast with our sleet pile-up. Our path to the Great OutDoors, the Katy Trail. Someday there’ll be a little greenhouse door there.

Maybe there’ll be more of Old San Juan later from Dear Daughter’s archive?? See you next week to find out. Til then, please take time to visit Norm 2.0 for a wide array of door photos from around the world by clicking here.



  1. This is the most challenging thing I believe I’ve experience in my lifetime. The fact that some folks have hoarded TP at the expense of others is just down right wrong, but I get it that the stores probably never imagined people responding in that manner. Now, there’s a limit, but there’s no supply. I guess we have to find the humor in that. 🙂

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