Missouri Barn Quilt/ThursdayDoors

You can call me a whiner. I don’t care. But I’m sure getting tired of the mega sanitizing I’m doing theses days. I think my hands are going to carry the scent of bleach for many years. I know. I wasn’t forced to sign up for this job. It was all my idea. But it would have been nice if that other country who started all this was doing their part in keeping their own people healthy.

I’ve heard all the stuff. From my daughter studying for her Ph.D to the various news sources. I believe 1/4 of what they shell out. But I have little people to protect to the best of my ability and so we are doing all the things. Washing our hands to the ABC tune. (Note: Little kids sing it slower so I can time their 20 seconds pretty easily with this song.) Washing toys with sanitizers. *I’m pretty sure the cleaning lasts about 10 seconds after slobbers happen. Practicing the cover the mouth stuff with the arm rather than the hands. Taking temperatures. A Lot. Limiting visitors. Asking for doctors notes before returning. And, unfortunately, saving kisses for mom and dad only. But at least we can still blow kisses 😉

So with all this in mind, I am forever grateful for the distraction of Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors and a chance to escape for a few. Here’s my tiny contribution this week and may you all be safe and sound as we maneuver through this latest life challenge.

Right off I-70 in Mid-Missouri

I posted the following on my Facebook page this past week. I think it goes well with the quilt ‘door’ teehee



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