The Loneliest Road in America/Thursday Doors

Bloggin A to Z this month but still wanted to send in my contribution to Thursday Doors over at Norm 2.0.

Displaying a couple doors that are on a busy highway in the middle of Sedalia, Missouri. These are located along U.S. Highway 50 which  stretches from Ocean City, Maryland to West Sacramento, California. Both places of which I’ve never visited.  U. S. 50 has been labeled “The Loneliest Road in America”.

Two on Broadway 2

While sitting at a drive-thru I found myself staring at this one. It’s been here as long as I can remember.

Two on Broadway 1

And so has this one which sits right to the west of the yellow house. It has doors on each side but the highway was too busy to try to get a different angle. On a sunny day you could see the detailed woodwork under each porch roof. We’ve had quite a bit of clouds and dreariness here lately.

Two on Broadway

I think what appealed to me was the way these two houses seem to be built symmetrically. Not in an identical way, but in a way that makes them meant to be placed side by side. I’m glad the doors face towards the road so I’d have an excuse to photograph them this week. 🙂




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