Feeling Like Dorothy/ Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors

Entering into a well-traveled road phase in life between home and Lawrence, Kansas.  Last week there was a day we were pretty thankful that the daughter had one of these doors at her place. And I decided I’d take a picture of it and let you know that in our part of the world, tornado season is Not over.

a22 (2)

Now to share a little view of ‘the drive’.

a11 (2)

This was our clue that things may get interesting. And I don’t mean the Integrity sign. However, maybe that was a message from above?

It’s gonna get even better.
a8 (3)
 That, dear readers, is what a black sky looks like.  
a1 (2)
This is what rotation looks like when frozen in a photo. Or when you’re driving to get the heck outathere. No zoom used in this shot FYI.


Even with the spots on the windshield, that sunset is a welcome sight!

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    • We’re 2 hours away from there and many times that area sends us their weather. We added on a basement in 2014 finally after living here 28 years. A great peace of mind to have it.


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