Indulging/Sunday Sampler

Sunday Sampler

So it was rainy today and I was able to ignore the gardening/mowing and simply ‘indulge’ in sewing. Pinterest got me hooked again and I found a lil tutorial. I decided to try to ammend a personal attempt from earlier and ended up with basically a hot mess.                                       (See largest photo in this collage)earbudpouch

The leftover fabric from Rachel’s t-shirt quilt came in handy for my second attempt. It’s not perfect either, but it’ll help a certain someone keep track of their ear buds better. ahem!! Inserting momma-attention-please throat clearing.

Stockings in June

This collage is the beginning of the stocking creations for the upcoming Christmas season. Using up trim and various fabrics before I hit the upholstery section in the stores. In case you wondered, these are said fabrics. I highly recommend checking out these gorgeous options. They give your mantle a more posh appearance than calico or even silk stockings.

Someone on Facebook reminded us this is the 6 month mark til Christmas.

Now aren’t you glad you read my blog today??







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