How Did This Happen?


How did email become so important?File_000 (7)

This is my unopened mail as of today, June 1. Who the heck has time to read all these emails? What makes me angry is the way this carrier doesn’t allow you to empty the whole shebang in one fell swoop. They let you delete up to 100 at a time. So generous aren’t they?! If I haven’t read that email from back in January, do you think I’m going to worry about it now? Really?

And yes I have complained. No changes as of yet. Hmph!




  1. I used to get this work, but it tended to make the sender angry when I finally got a phone call asking “Why haven’t you replied to my e-mail?” and they got the reply “I haven’t got to you yet and you’re number 1867 in the queue!”

    I feel your pain not being able to delete en masse though. What else could we possibly do doing with our time?!

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