Sunshine Mixed with a Little Yarn/Sunday Sampler

It was a very damp, dreary, cold Easter Sunday…..outside.

But in my home we had a bit of sunshine on my table.

File_000 (14) (2)Potted hyacinths and jelly beans courtesy of my daughters.¬†Never fear, there are more jelly beans in the cabinet. Can’t spoil our dinner ūüėČ

Family¬†around the table brought us more warmth. I’m so¬†glad they tolerate cameras.

And for the ‘yarn’ part in the title, we have 4 more yo yo’s down …

File_002 (2) (2)

and 1 to go.

File_000 (12)

Living Simply, Remaining Grateful on this Sunday Sampler of the week.

Dark Circles/ Sunday Sampler

Just playing around with an idea. I took this idea from Pinterest and went a different direction with it. And, These are officially and specifically for my Mother-in-law. She’ll be using them for her coffee mugs or maybe as candle mats.

On Etsy, I’ve added a set with a Tuscan theme.

Letting you in on a little inside info:

*They can serve as a mug rug for your morning cup of coffee or hot tea.
*Also use them for applique on your craft creations.
*Add a to a gift decoration.
*Combine them on your wall for a set of medallions wall art display.
*Sew them together for a larger trivet.

Embellishment ideas:

Pillows, pillow cases, hats, hand bags, t-shirts, sweaters, quilts and blankets, scrapbook pages, hand-made greeting cards and so much more. Create ear rings, Christmas ornaments, jewelry, hair clips or gift tags.

Thanks for stopping by for my Sunday Sampler.

Yo Yo’s/ Going Obsolete Too

Over at my other blog, Stephanie’s Stuff, I’ve added a post on my thoughts about “Going Obsolete”. Hope you’ll find some time to visit~~

IMG_20150628_103836 (2)

But for the sake of Katy Trail Creations, I’m sharing my latest crocheted edge yoyo piece.

Happy Thursday!



Inspirations Matter

I’ve mentioned back in August how inspired I was by my Great Aunt Hattie. Here’s a refresher in case you missed it. I am extremely grateful and also elated by the review I received this past week on Etsy. I am humbled at the word ‘heirloom’. What a daunting task to make something of that caliber again. So the question looms….will I?

     Yo yo table topper

All Hand Made Yo Yo Table Topper with Hand Crochet Edging

AWESOME!!!! I can’t imagine how much work went into this!! This looks fantastic on my dining room table. It brightens up the whole room!!! This will be an heirloom piece for sure!! Thank you for your creativity and workmanship!! This arrived promptly and very well packaged. Very pleased!! If I could give ten stars, I would!

Hope you Feel the Love this Valentine’s Day!

Yo Yo. I Promise No Yo Mamma Jokes


I have a couple yo yos hanging around. These are connected.


These are Not.


A more accurate view of the Unconnected yoyos.


Here’s my crowning achievement with a few of them. I added a crocheted edge to tie them together (pardon the pun).


A perfect companion to my brand new mug. My eldest loves ordering cool stuff and I was the lucky recipient of the Disappearing Wives mug from across the pond. Love it! She could have waited til Mother’s Day, but I’m glad she didn’t. Thanks Rachel!!