Narrow Paths in Central Missouri.


Garden path, Downtown Blackwater, Missouri


Missouri State Fair Highway Gardens, Sedalia, Missouri


The Katy Trail, Pettis County, Missouri

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Still Waiting/WPC

Cherry On Top

We have waited patiently. Watering. Watching. Hanging Around.


This shot was on Thursday morning.


There will be such excitement come Monday morning 🙂 The children’s flowers have finally bloomed!

File_000 (41)

But the Behemoth awaits. It is well over 11 feet tall today. No bloom. Praying it doesn’t reach the power lines and get zapped! 😬

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Look Up

I’d like to look up a friend but they are hours away. And probably working right now.

I took time to look up a commentary on a verse I read.

And I’ll most likely look up a good recipe this weekend.

But last night, we stepped out and stood looking up at this humongous sunflower in my garden.

sunflower I didn’t plant it here intentionally. It came in the vegie pack next to a green pepper. Apparently, it went unnoticed as I plopped it into the ground. As the rains came and it became obvious it was not a green pepper plant, it also became clear it was too late to tranplant it and risk the health of either plant.

So there you have it. My ‘beanstalk’ as the kids refer to it. Jack may show up soon 🙂




We go together like salt and pepper. They say.


I have a couple of these in a collection.Secretary.jpg

So more than a couple.

I recently had a new health inspector who hadn’t viewed these before and was forthcoming in his opinion that I share the story ‘inside’ this secretary for future generations. It was quite the opposite inspection visit I expected. I am taking his advice.

In case you’re curious, it survived a F3 tornado back in ’73. I have a post about it here.

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They Just Go Together



Early example of “Partners”.

Horse & Buggy

A real Budweiser Clydesdale on the farm and a buggy I wouldn’t want a ride in.


Miss these partners making new music. Maybe they’ll reunite due to lack of funds????

Or just because I’m asking them to here 🙂

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The Bend/WordPress Photo Challenge


Flat Creek

Growing up in the country, you sit by a creek and always wonder what’s around that curve ahead; better known around here as “the bend”.

Hope all you dads out there find the perfect fishin’ hole this Father’s Day weekend.

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Instrument For Unsale/ WPC


We have a few spare instruments around our home. There’s my banjo collection; three of them. The eldest daughter has some guitars. One in particular was converted from a classical guitar to a dobro with a simple five dollar metal insert. Then the youngest daughter has a couple mandolins. Finally we were at three violins until we tried our hand at selling one. It sold. But due to personal circumstances that I won’t go into, the buyer asked if we would be interested in buying it back. I did. Not a problem.


Now I’m going to try to find the Spare time to practice a little more.

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She Said Yes!/ WPC


Jubilant, adjective: showing great joy, satisfaction, or triumph; rejoicing; exultant.Evette & Zach

I’m lucky to have a sister who loves taking photos and was ready at a moments notice when the fiance-to-be said, “I’m doing this today.”

Our family is absolutely ‘Jubilant’ for this couple!

Photo Credit: Barbi, my sister 🙂

Play on color: The proud Aunt, Me.

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From a Couple Years Back/WPC


  • Replaced my old laptop.
  • Installed Word (time comsuming when they don’t let you buy a disk anymore)
  • Opened yet another email. I now have ???. Probably some floating around in cyberspace that are long forgotten.
  • And bookmarked sites again. Going to have to try to relocate those A to Z blogs I visited and promised to Revisit this coming year.

So are the woes of a computer that goes berserk.

And I Still had to use the old dinosaur desktop-with-a-tower, slow-as-molasses computer to find these pictures.

There were Matching-Pajama Christmases, Proud High School moments and the    Busting-Your-Rear-Ends to Help Mom at craft shows.

After the book store2

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