A Sign of Hospitality

I searched and searched this house for a pineapple (other than the can in the pantry). An Instagram daily photo prompt is the source of this distress. I knew I wouldn’t be venturing out on the town today so it was up to me to get creative. And since the last Sunday Sampler was in March before the April AtoZ Blog Challenge, it’s definitely past time for a new one!

Grabbed the tools, the fabric and a little inspiration from Pinterest — not necessarily in that order.

Cut enough squares to make 3 of these quilt squares. I don’t think they’ll be used together but you never know?

After a few minor adjustments – like increasing the size of the squares that were to become 1/2 square triangle blocks – I think I accomplished what I set out to do.

A little batting, backing ,basting and it’ll be quilting time! My plan? A wall hanger will be the final outcome of this symbol of hospitality. Thanks for visiting!





Do you remember your earliest childhood friend? Mine was Charlene. She was my babysitter’s only child and we were as close to siblings as she would ever have. We had tea parties with playdoh French fries, Barbie doll and paper doll afternoons when the ‘little kids’ were napping, listening to ‘The Monkeys’ on her record player, swimming in the kiddie pool for hours, waiting for Patsy to bring us popsicles and sitting around watching “Dark Shadows” before it was time for my mom to pick me up.

This photo was taken a couple days ago and brought back a waterfall of memories of my early years phase. I hope you lend some precious memories to the little ones in your life. Thankful for mine.