Instrument For Unsale/ WPC


We have a few spare instruments around our home. There’s my banjo collection; three of them. The eldest daughter has some guitars. One in particular was converted from a classical guitar to a dobro with a simple five dollar metal insert. Then the youngest daughter has a couple mandolins. Finally we were at three violins until we tried our hand at selling one. It sold. But due to personal circumstances that I won’t go into, the buyer asked if we would be interested in buying it back. I did. Not a problem.


Now I’m going to try to find the Spare time to practice a little more.

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I Try to Live a Pieceful Life/Letter P


For today’s post, just sharing a sampling of some pieced blocks I’ve acquired.

These were some of my youngest daughter’s first quilt blocks. She saved them in a little sewing box and when music became her new love,

File_000 (19)

Last night’s final performance for the 81st season of the Sedalia Symphony. My baby girl plays the violin 🙂

she gave them to me. I have a little secret plan for them 😉IMG_4818a.jpg


These were experiments. Top one from watching a PBS show. It’s a bit wonky (quilter term). The bottom is from an online free pattern. A star of sorts, the web address is probably gone by now. This was before Windows came out. I’m old.


I’d enter these into ugliest quilt blocks category. They need to be made into a potholder? Maybe dismantled.

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