We gather lots of broken crayons around here.


And they get stored in these extra large ice cream containers. When it gets about half full, I turn to ways to upcycle them.

The hubby is pretty good at discovering bargains on ebay and found this Crayola Melt & Mold Factory at a decent price. It comes with a couple mold styles and looked like it would be a good way to occupy school-agers this summer.


Here is where I insert the facts. If you have only a few broken crayons, this is the way to go because this is how many (I’m being Very generous) you can melt in one sitting. And in one sitting I mean 45 minutes from beginning to end. I wasn’t very impressed with the results as there were air gaps in the molds in the end so you ended up with half-baked crayons. Not very sturdy for those with a firm grip.

Time to move on obviously.


My tried and true method that I have had a lot of success with are these little silicone bakers. They are great for practicing color sorting or color mixing that All ages greatly enjoy. I’m sure you can find many shapes in silicone bakeware or candy molds, but I just use the ones I already have.


My round crayons give new shape, color, and variety to the crayon bin.

Did I mention they are stackable? Quite the item to take outdoors as well. It’s pretty hard to lose these bright round disks, and even harder for them to get choked on. They make great paper weights when the wind is blowing (so you can never have too many).I have a few other ideas I’m planning with these gems for the future. I’ll have to let you know how they work out.

Hope this “Free Tip Friday” brightens the start to your weekend!

Nashville Blues

I have absolutely no idea how to transition from Scruggs style, foot tappin, deep in the hills music to my blog topic. So I won’t. Hope you enjoyed my version that I wish I owned a Scruggs tuner for. I settled for chokes and slides instead. (music jargon)

Not your typical eggs.

Upcycled Egg Art

Upcycled Egg Art

We recycled some magazine and posterboards for creating eco-friendly Easter Eggs. As I have a child here with egg and peanut allergies, we decided to avoid coloring Real eggs this year. Just playing it safe. I’d like to take this time to thank one of my daycare parents for donating all the posterboard for our ‘creations’. I hope to show more ways to use it up in future posts.


Skills learned in this activity:

  • Sensory experience:  glue gets on your fingers and Is Sticky
  • More Sensory: Paper can tear if you’re not gentle, or sometimes even if you are
  • Math: Eggs are Ovals
  • Math: Sequence (glue must go on first ….. then the paper
  • Language: Letter recognition from use of magazines
  • Fine Motor: Drawing a line with the glue and then practicing getting the paper on that line
  • Self- Esteem: Pride in the completed project

Our point in this experience was to learn how to create with uncommon materials and enjoy the process. This is when the mind unleashes creativity.  I suppose we are Nourishing young minds…. my N word (other than Nashville).