Sharing National Pi Day My Way

So my eldest college senior informed me this particular National Pi Day is the first time in 100 years that pi = 3.1415. So I used my newfound info for sharing some love for my fellow Team Heartland friends. May your Pi Day find much profit! Here’s the link:

3 Scrubbies 7 Dish Cloths Multipack Crocheted

Photo shared is of fellow Sedalian Etsy shop KariCreates

Momma Makes “Pink” Divinity

I don’t know what it is but that “pink” makes it so-o-o-o good.

It melts in your mouth better than cotton candy.

I’ve searched online recipes and most divinity is white.

They just don’t understand the difference a little pink will make.

In honor of my momma’s divinity (which I should put a patent on) here’s my latest

Etsy treasury to help show off my Team Heartland friends’ stores.

In the mean time, I’m putting in a request to my mother asap. I’ll send pictures. 🙂



Thanks to Terri from “Inspireren” for letting me post her photo

You Should See My Button Stash!!

I’m sharing a treasury of items from Team Heartland on Etsy. My friends there are very inspiring. Hope you can check out their shops.



I’m Not Easily Distracted. I…..Hey! Look! Yarn!


This is just one gift idea from the Team Heartland Etsy shops. Hope you can click below and check them out!

Have a great rest of the day!!!


Crochet and Knit Gift Ideas

This is just one item in my lastest treasury with my friends in Team Heartland on I really like this rug btw. Definitely on my to do list for a “me” gift 🙂il_570xN_443899084_47a4.jpga

Here’s the link

Come by our booth at the Cole Camp Christbaumfest to say hello on Saturday!

Mossy Oak Style



The latest addition to Katy Trail Creations on Etsy…..Hand made by “me”, Mossy Oak fabric in my Microwave Potato Bag. Here’s the link:


Happy Thursday Everyone!!!

September Etsy Treasury


I belong to an awesome treasury team on Etsy, Team Heartland! Here’s a view of some of the awesomeness they display in their shops. Click on the link above to enjoy!