Supply and Demand /Sunday Sampler

Sunday Sampler

Daughter #1 is moving off to grad school and she mentioned she didn’t have many pot holders. You have to understand, she’s as burn-your-fingers prone as I am. So this is an issue for consideration. And, being as I have a supply, I will fill this demand.

Momma Econ 101

File_000 (44)

First is the scrappy, upcycled version with denim backing. Very durable and good for protecting those 10 digits.


Next is a more decorative style and honestly makes a better trivet than pot holder.  Protecting your counter or table top is essential. Also, wool products are self-extinguishing so a good choice for those extra hot pans.

File_000 (43)

This is a Hexi made of cotton yarn and would double as either a dishcloth or trivet.

For your educational enjoyment, let me say that cotton will not melt. It will burn, yes. But not melt. A good protective item to have between your dishes and the table.

File_000 (45)

But of course the best fire prevention is this item.

I told you this was Momma Econ 101!!



Playing Hopscotch


Been awhile since I started this one. I have a few quilt tops from purchases, but………

This one is all made by me.

Machine pieced and Hand quilted, using many, many scraps from my stash. Lots of them are upcycled fabrics or swatches from estate auctions and yard sales.

The future of this one is going to rely on Etsy or future craft shows.

Selling quilts isn’t easy. They need the right person at the right time.

Could it be YOU?

My Weekend is All Sewn Up


IMG_0407.jpgaRemember my apron inspired by Gt Grandma? Here’s the link: Grandma’s Apron

This weekend I made it’s alter ego

IMG_2580 (2)This one is for sale eventually. Gotta take more pics.

Other projects that used up some of my fabric stash included

IMG_2574 (2)A couple bibs. One for my daycare babies                        and one for this Fall in craft shows….

IMG_2575 IMG_2576

And then some pot holders along with more potato bags.

Nope, there was no trip to the lake, big city excursion or picnic. Just relaxation my way!

A Sneak Preview

2 I’ve got something to share……

It’s going up for sale on Etsy in a day or so but want to give you all first “Look See”


We have a family event to attend to first.


There are unopened gifts under our tree. So……

stay tuned!

Saturday Share

Been using up some scraps this Fall.


This would be the leftover Weekly Reader for my foundation. Trimmin’ it up via my ironing board.

IMG_1787Here’s the flip side.


I was trying out various props for the Etsy shop.

(Fun fact,……we spelled our name “Randolph” in the old country.)


This is the finished item. It has multiple uses. Mug Rug, Pot holder, Candle Mat just to start. Click to see it in our Shop.


This is my brag moment!!!

I had both my husband and my eldest daughter inducted into an honor society at UCM(University of Central Missouri) last Sunday. Delta Epsilon Iota.

You two have both of the following qualities! Hold fast!

A  good head and a good heart are always a formidable  combination.
Nelson  Mandela