A Pause/ #ThursdayDoors

I’m pretty sure that part of the reason I enjoy the Thursday Door challenge is to make a feeble attempt at capturing surroundings we normally ignore.

At the last couple of doctor visits, I’ve been thinking about sharing this one…….with a little extra something.


This is a nice view to see in person, but the camera just isn’t doing it justice.

These are better, but still not there.


I may not be the expert at panoramic photos, but I think this definitely gives you a better perspective of the edge of the prarie view I wanted you to see. And if you’re needing a way to lower the blood pressure (I hate going to the doctor btw), maybe a minute of taking in a scenic view will help.

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Big Sky View/#Thursday Doors

This is my take on one city block of Sedalia, Missouri, Queen City of the Prarie.

Alongthetracks (2)

One of these days, I’m hoping for a pic without any vehicles along this street to visualize a hundred years ago.

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Time Passes/Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors

Driving down Main Street in Sedalia, Missouri last night.


Sedalia, Missouri was founded in 1860. Home of the Missouri State Fair, Queen City of the Prairie, The End of the Trail for cattle drives until the 1870’s.

“A lot of people, when they think of the original trail towns at the end of the cattle drive, they may think of Dodge or Wichita, Kansas, but Sedalia was the very first.  We are the original cow town,” said Trail’s End committee member, Linda Oehrke Myer.

File_008 (2)

This was Archia’s Seedhouse on Main Street. Now abandoned, it once was a thriving part of Sedalia’s rich history. I look forward to this Thursday Doors weekly entry and sharing some of Sedalia’s past and present!