Would I?/ WordPress Photo Challenge

Against the Odds


Yes I would jump! In a heartbeat!


A Quilter’s Gem/Connected Photo Challenge

IMG_3848 (2)

My husband had good taste and was also budget-minded when he had this shipped to me last week. It is a quilt top and it is entirely hand pieced. He is pretty good at finding the gems on Ebay.

Now the plan is to hand quilt this once I’ve added the necessary layers. The person who hand stitched this was clearly experienced. I have much admiration for their creation. But I have to wonder about the maker and how much time they spent doing their part and how Connected we’ll be once I spend an ample amount of time doing my part.


Sadly all I know of this quilt is that it came from an estate sale somewhere in the Deep South. And the only name signed on it once it’s finished is mine. I hope I can do it justice.

Someone once said, “We can only connect the dots that we collect.”

I would agree.