The Dutch Boy/Thursday Doors

This week I was inspired by this sign while in Downtown Lawrence, Kansas.


You see, Daddy was a painter and I can remember him wearing Dutch Boy Paints hats many, many times. And today would be his 77th birthday.


And since I couldn’t get across this street for a ‘Door Close-up’, I’m taking this Thursday Doors a new direction.


I have a small collection of Yellow houses in honor of my dad.


You see, yellow was his favorite color.


I only wish he could walk up to This yellow house and visit.

Happy Birthday Dad!

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Mother’s Nature Scene/Sunday Sampler


Windsor Toy And Craft Show December 2013

Yesterday my eldest, Rachel and I stopped by my mother’s on our way home. We wanted to share the doctor’s latest plan for Rachel after her trip to the ER a couple weeks ago. (More on that later.) Plus it’s always nicer to speak to your mom in person. 🙂 Not to mention, she’s stranded at home in Green Ridge (micro mini small town USA) due to her truck being repaired. Has to be a boring January weekend.

Towards the end of our visit she directed us to her kitchen where she’d put her latest project. She told us she’d recently been attending a Women’s Club in town. My mother is a socialite at heart! She presented her ‘attempt’ as she put it at painting.

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She explained they used masking tape and she decided to place hers evenly. This is her result. We told her she needed to frame it. It’s pretty good for her first attempt wouldn’t you say? Choosing her as my Sunday Sampler this week to proclaim….imagesKO29ASWM