Pulling the Plug/Sunday Sampler

Introducing my newest model for the Etsy shop. We were just about ready for breakfast bright and early one morning last week when I took advantage of a wide awake young lady in a very happy mood. Perfect recipe for some Fun photos!

Special thanks to her parents for giving me the chance to feature this little princess!            Love That Face!!

Thanks for stopping in for this week’s Sunday Sampler!!


The Miss Lou Kerchief

A few weeks ago I wrote a short blog post about an upcoming project I was planning. It worked out very well and here are a few pics…..  IMG_3798 (2)

But to really make something stand out, you need a model.

And I have one! Pretty adorable too I might add.

I introduce you to …………………..

IMG_3707 (2)

Miss Lou!

And so naturally I’ve named my

kerchiefs  “The Miss Lou.”

Stop by the Etsy store to see these and more to come.

Rampin’ It Up

Summer’s nearly here and so time for some additions to the Katy Trail Creations shop.

To start I’m adding this Hand Crocheted Kerchief that is a  “One-of-a-kind”; courtesy of Aunt Maybelle’s generosity.


More additions to the shop this week. Check it out!

Next Door

Usually I’m taking photos of my Etsy stuff at our beautiful Missouri State Fairgrounds. After all, it’s extremely close to my home. DSC01382

This is a small part of the Highway Gardens at the fairgrounds. Many couples have used this for their wedding ceremony. It is really a showcase.

But sometimes, there’s an issue with the great outdoors called “Wind”. So a phone call to my next door neighbor and Mother-in-law was in order. She recently remodeled her home and it sure looks nice! She gave me permission to use her space for some photos. So here’s one of them.


Her armless chair was one of several spots in her home I photographed my yo yo table runner. I was able to showcase its versatility thanks to her generosity.

Thank you Nancy! Just wanted to say how much I appreciate it! And your plants are still alive 🙂  (Inside joke)



My Weekend is All Sewn Up


IMG_0407.jpgaRemember my apron inspired by Gt Grandma? Here’s the link: Grandma’s Apron

This weekend I made it’s alter ego

IMG_2580 (2)This one is for sale eventually. Gotta take more pics.

Other projects that used up some of my fabric stash included

IMG_2574 (2)A couple bibs. One for my daycare babies                        and one for this Fall in craft shows….

IMG_2575 IMG_2576

And then some pot holders along with more potato bags.

Nope, there was no trip to the lake, big city excursion or picnic. Just relaxation my way!

Yo Yo. I Promise No Yo Mamma Jokes


I have a couple yo yos hanging around. These are connected.


These are Not.


A more accurate view of the Unconnected yoyos.


Here’s my crowning achievement with a few of them. I added a crocheted edge to tie them together (pardon the pun).


A perfect companion to my brand new mug. My eldest loves ordering cool stuff and I was the lucky recipient of the Disappearing Wives mug from across the pond. Love it! She could have waited til Mother’s Day, but I’m glad she didn’t. Thanks Rachel!!

F is For Friday


Yes those are our instruments. I play banjo (5string/Scruggs style) and my daughters play the rest.

It is finally finished. I present to you the Galaxy Throw in all its glory. It took nearly 7 skeins of yarn. This is one of the first times I’ve planned out an item and actually bought enough the first time. No late night dashes to the yarn section for ‘one more skein’.


Another view.

Now the burning question…….Is it for sale? I haven’t made up my mind yet. It just might be a keeper. Guess I’ll have to

Buy More Yarn!!!! 🙂

The Leprechauns Made Me Do It

Getting a running jump ahead to St. Patrick’s Day. The item here is a hand crocheted brooch with leaf pin ready to purchase.

Check out other crocheted items and more at the shop.

Katy Trail Creations


& remember,

everyone’s Irish on March 17th!!

A Sneak Preview

2 I’ve got something to share……

It’s going up for sale on Etsy in a day or so but want to give you all first “Look See”


We have a family event to attend to first.


There are unopened gifts under our tree. So……

stay tuned!