Flat-iron Patchwork/#AtoZ

The April A to Z Blog Challenge is an annual blogging event in which participants blog every day (except Sundays) one post for each letter of the alphabet for the entire month. My theme for the year will be “Quilts and Ozark Slang.” So gitchur coffee or sodapop, grab a pilluh, and sit a spell.

The Letter today is F.

The style of this quilt block is one many refer to as a basket-style block. It can also refer to bowls or trees with the way it has a ‘pedestal’ shape in one half of the block. I’ve made these ‘sugar bowl’ blocks before and you can see the similarity.


Sugar Bowl Quilt Block

The finished Flat-iron Patchwork would best be compared to an old-fashioned iron as far as what it represents. Since I’m the only one in this house who ever holds a clothes iron, I am pretty sure a flat iron for the hair would be the association for the rest of my gang.  Or possibly a flat iron steak when they’re wanting something grilled. Whatever your intrepretation, here’s the finished block.


Today’s Ozark Slang is Figgur. You may think it is a word related to numbers, and it is particially used for that on occasion. Such as “Those figgurs don’t add up.”  But most likely, you’ll hear it used as in this sentence: “Keep tryin’, you’ll figgur it out.”

It can be a form of encouragement to hear this. Or it is someone telling you that

  1. The person addressed isn’t mature enough to listen to your advice. So don’t waste your breath giving them any.    Or
  2. They probably won’t listen to you anyway; so just walk away.

There are many more wonderful blogs this year that I hope you can spend a couple minutes reading. All you have to do is click here and select something that interests you. To read about the A to Z Challenge and what we are all about, click here.


Four Corners/#AtoZChallenge

During the month of April, I’m participating in the Blogging From A to Z Challenge for my 4th year in a row – 3 of which are on this blog. Each day, except Sundays, there will be a post for the letter of the day as well as keeping with my personal theme of Quilts and Quotes. Feel free to leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you! Also check out the other A to Z’ers in the comment section of the Official A to Z Blog Page.

The Four Corners quilt block is a little reminder to self that I still have some travelin’ to do. Colorado and Arizona, I’ve been to. Loved ’em! Utah and New Mexico are on the Bucket List.


This block presented a bit of a twist for me though. The pattern was to create 2 blocks as you might have noticed in the above lower left picture.


I quizzed both my daughters on which one they thought was sewn correctly. They both guessed correctly. So that means the jury is still out on whether I’ll use the ‘haywire’ version. Maybe I have a new block?? Maybe I should ask for suggestions on a name? Or maybe it should be dubbed “Haywire”?

“A photographer who made a picture from a splendid moment, an accidental pose of someone or a beautiful scenery, is the finder of a treasure.”                                                                                                                     Robert Doisneau 1912-1994 French Photographer

Join me again tomorrow for more of the April A to Z Blog Challenge 2017!

April’s Flower/Letter F

It’s April. It’s the A to Z Challenge. Why not give a little crochet in Flowers? As the tradition goes, daisies are for April. I made this one with a plan for a future project.

File_008 (2)

The size is a bit bigger than the chart.

The thing about granny squares is that they are a good yarn stash buster.

File_009 (2)

Mine measured a generous 5 1/2 X 5 1/2 inches


Not planning to use exact matches in colors except for the daisy. Rainbows of color are in right now. And it is spring!

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