The Island/ Thursday Doors

Pattern to me is usually referring to a set of instructions to create. But for this Thursday Doors, I’m going with the aesthetic form.


But first a pre-Halloween greeting from one of my daycare kiddos. He was so proud of his new Blippi suspenders this morning and let me take his picture with them — beside the front door naturally. 🙂  This little guy has to give hugs before he leaves us each day and tells us “I like you and love you!” The world needs more of his attitude these days.

When you need more storage in your kitchen, an island is one way to get it. Thus, the reason we’ve added this one to our well-used, lived-in, kitchen/dining room. I have my husband to thank for the granite choice (that is the Pattern I mentioned) and the extra length of the island. It was originally only supposed to be 4 feet long. Not complaining!!

 I will leave you to check out what’s behind them if you should choose. A quick mention that the makers of both the cabinet and the granite top are top notch in our area! Not from a box store. These are hand crafted and I am very proud to have them as part of my home. I highly recommend choosing to purchase from small businesses when and if you have the opportunity.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Thursday Doors post and will take time to visit Norm 2.0 where he will direct you to many many more wonderful door posts from all over.


The Foundation

I’m not talking crochet today.
And this won’t be a “Pretty” picture post.


We had some major fixing to do on our home. The foundation was broke.


Other words….separating, splitting up, falling apart, coming apart…..Plain ol’ Broke.

In fact once they started moving the foundation to its correct position, this piece just fell out.


IMG_2110 IMG_2098.jpga

More photos of the system used to straighten it up.

Did I mention this is Expensive?



The “bonus” was for us was they were able to remove the bushes that have been in front of our home since 1988. Yes we have been here that long.                                 We are truly Katy Trail Natives.