Letter H for Heart’s Desire/ AtoZ 2019

The April A to Z Challenge is in its tenth year, I’ve now participated for 6 of those years, and this year will be my 3rd quilt theme. It’s my first quilt using only patterns from the Kansas City Star newspaper archives. Welcome to my blog!

From the Kansas City Star Quilts Sampler book
From the Kansas City Star Quilts Sampler book

This 1932 block took a lot of piecing and for me personally it took 3 sewing sessions. My quilt time is usually in small stretches though. Still, it was pretty intense for a single block.

Let’s just say you had better have a lot of desire to finish a whole quilt of this block. I only had desire to make one at this time 😉 The following gallery of photos are just the quilt during the sewin process. Not going to describe everything in a paragraph. If you happen to have any questions, just leave them in the comments.

I truly love the end result of this block. The measurement ended right, the piecing instructions weren’t bad and it’s visually interesting. Sometime in the future, a whole quilt would not be out of the question.

Heart's Desire Block complete
Heart’s Desire Block complete

Did You Know?

With this block I’ll celebrate an outstanding female Missourian, Susan Elizabeth Blow. In my circle of life, there are children. Many children. So her achievement is close to my heart.

Susan founded the first public Kindergarten in St. Louis, Missouri and ran it 11 years without being payed. Of course she was priviledged, being the daughter of a wealthy family. Nonetheless, she believed in the importance of this early childhood introduction to school. Kindergarten readiness is how I spend my days with infants and children–guiding them with developmentally appropriate practices. Thanks to Susan for this wonderful contribution to our children!

Come back here tomorrow for another quilt block for the A to Z Challenge! Also be sure to visit the home of the A to Z here and see other entrants challenge posts. There are excellent writers participating every year with topics in whatever you’re interested in